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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas In Baguio

I thought hubby and I will celebrate Christmas just the two of us but I was wrong. A day before Christmas, we were invited by Jhun to go with them to Baguio. We grabbed the opportunity because it's been a while since we went there. The last time we've been there was six months ago. So off we went after lunch with my 2 nephews and their dad with us riding their van. Rose had to follow later because she was busy in her shop. While we were on the way, the van was acting up so Jhun stopped and put some water in it thinking it just overheated. Then when we were in Camp 6 just passed the lion landmark, the van stopped running and Jhun found out that it run out of gas. The fuel indicator of the van was not accurate at all.

Jhun had to ride with some people riding their truck to go buy some gas in the nearest gas station and while we were waiting, my nephews, hubby and I took some pics. The view in Kennon road is awesome especially with the mountains and pine trees at the background.


                                Hubby was trying to direct the traffic, lol!
After around 15 minutes, Jhun came back with the gas he bought and the van was up and running again.It was already dark when we reached Baguio. We passed by Burnham Park and a bunch of people were there. I didn't even attempt to go there with hubby because he don't like crowded places. We arrived at Camp Allen and it was so nice to see our ninong George, Glo and Mimi. We consider these people our family in Baguio. They are so accommodating and very hospitable. They make us feel so welcome and at home. Rose arrived later with Jhun who picked her up in the bus station.

On Christmas eve, at 12 midnight, we all gathered around the table. Jhun said the blessing and then we ate the foods that they prepared for our Noche Buena. We had pancit palabok and a square cake from Tea House. So yummy! There was 2 boxes of fried chicken from Chow King and a roll cake from Goldilocks. Glo made her delicious macaroni salad. For drinks, there were C2 bottles for all of us and there as also a bottle of grape wine.


After eating, we opened the gifts. Hubby and I got some gifts from Glo, from Jhun and Rose and a cash gift from ninong George. My husband gave his gift to me in cash worth 5k for my shopping a few days before Christmas. He was generous to me this time. He told me not to buy for him anything because he don't need anything so I obeyed, lol! On Christmas day, we went to SM Baguio to buy some groceries. My, that mall was so crowded. We had to fall in line just to get in. Hubby almost backed out but I told him just go with the crowd.

While inside the mall, hubby and I went picture taking in front of the Christmas tree and decors.

So we bought some fresh organic veggies, hubby's freshly grounded barako coffee and a lot more. We went back home in the lowland at night but before we headed home, Glo ordered a couple of pizzas for special delivery. They were so yummy to the tummy! Hubby's craving for pizza was satisfied.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Visit Paris, The City Of Dreams

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dining Out

I lost count already how many times hubby and I went to dine at Hap Chan restaurant. Hubby love their fried squid and no other restaurants we've been too can beat it. They really have the best fried squid ever. So tender and yummy and we love their spicy dip. I love to try their different menus, unlike hubby who stick to his spicy fried squid, lol! I love variety in my food. This time I tried their beef with ampalaya and mushrooms. Hmm, not bad.

As usual, hubby ordered his favorite fried squid, fried rice and iced tea. It really made him smile! Of course I helped him finished his squid, lol! I must admit, it's really yummy to the tummy.

One thing I like in Hap Chan is their complimentary studio portrait package that they give to their customers. Hubby and I had claimed 3 freebie studio portrait packages already courtesy of Picture City. Some of it are already hanging in our wall. I'll post it here next time.  


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Day In Lingayen, Pangasinan

So I hail from the province of Pangasinan and Lingayen is its capital. It's about an hour and a half drive from my hometown Laoac so I don't go there very often. What with the price of gas skyrocketing nowadays. The last time I went there was a year ago. You can read my post here. Yesterday, my youngest brother invited us to go with him to Lingayen to buy fish sauce. He has this small business of buy and sell fish sauce and Lingayen is well-known for its export quality fish sauce. Hubby didn't want to go so he stayed in the house and I went to have a joy ride. After buying the fish sauce, we went to see some of Lingayen's attractions.

First stop was the Narciso Ramos Sports and Civic Center (NRSCC). We just love the view of the pond in the vicinity of the building so we took some pics there.

 My nieces and I had a couple of pics in front of the NRSCC building. 

Then we proceeded to the Pangasinan capitol building to take some pics in front of the giant Christmas tree. The decorations are so simple and not as pretty as last year. Perhaps the admin didn't want to spend lavish decorations due to the catastrophe brought by typhoon Yolanda in the country.

We went up and take a look of the landscaping of the capitol building. There were bushes neatly trimmed and carabao grass on the ground. A bunch of Philippine flags adorned the surroundings.

At the compound of the capitol building is the Lingayen Gulf War Memorial and my two nieces insisted to stop there so of we went to see those relics which remind the people of the last World War II like fighter plane, Japanese tanks and US cannon. These stuffs are beautified by the beautiful landscape along the capitol compound.

The last stop was the Lingayen beach but then my brother parked the van a few meters away so we did not really see the beach up close.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Dressing Up For Church

It's only during Sundays that I really dress up because I go to church. I always want to look my best when I go to God's house. I want to please Him and honor Him with the way I dress. I don't wear pants when I go to church. I wear decent dress always. Right after we came home from church I asked the husband to take some photos of me before I change into my house clothes. He's not a very good photographer so I have to make a scrapbook for my photos to make it look better. I'm not very good in posing either. Just want to pose and post it here in my blog.

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