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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thank God For Blessings

Unexpected blessings from a thoughtful friend arrived last Saturday via LBC. A friend from Texas was on vacation with her hubby in Angeles City and she sent me a message in FB that we will meet in Manaoag that same day. Unfortunately, I only read her message at night and I missed the opportunity to see her. I replied her message saying that I was really so sorry that I didn't read her message earlier that's why we didn't see each other. She asked me to send her my mailing address because she's going to send me something.

True to her word, after a couple of weeks a small package was delivered to me. I was so excited to open the box and see what's inside.

I got a knife and cut the packing tape and voila, I found these inside!


I have 3 shirts, 1 shirt for hubby, a wrist watch and sneakers for me. I so love everything and I am so thankful to God for giving me friends who don't hesitate to share their blessings to me and hubby.


Marie said...

Aww. That is one thoughtful and loving friend you have, Ate Lisa! ♥

Lisa said...

Yes she is Marie. She always give me something when she comes here on vacation. She's a very generous and thoughtful friend indeed! So thankful that God has blessed me with good friends.

Juliana said...

Friends are God sent. They are blessings from Him.

You have thoughtful friends Manang. Ang swerte mo.

Have a good start of the week. Ingat palagi.

Lisa said...

That's true Juliana. Friends are really God sent and I'm so blessed for having them. I'm blessed also for having you as my online friend. Hope to meet you someday.

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