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Friday, November 1, 2013

New Toys for Christmas 2013

I can't believe that Christmas is almost here again! We can feel it in the air. Christmas is the most exciting day of the year for me. It's the time of shopping and giving gifts to our friends and loved ones. As early as September, I am already scouting gifts for my nephews and nieces. I want to buy gifts that I know they will appreciate and will make them happy. My two nephews are already in their teens so they're past the stage where all they requested before were toys. It's my two nieces turn to collect toys. They're aged 5 and 6 year old kids and oh how they love toys. That's the reason why I'm in the look-out for new toys for Christmas 2013 so I will know what are the latest in the market.

So far, here are my top 5 picks for this year and I'm pretty sure my 2 nieces would love to have these for Christmas.

                                             1. LeapFrog LeapPad 2 Power -Pink '

My 5 year old niece loves to play with gadgets and I think this would be great for her. I'm pretty sure she would be so delighted to receive this on Christmas.  Kids can create, learn and explore things using this toy. It includes front-and-back cameras and video recorders. Draw and write on the 5” touch screen with included stylus. Truly, the learning fun never ends!

                                                    2. Minnie Mouse 3D Puzzle 72 Pieces

My niece love Minnie Mouse and I can already imagine her facial expression when she have this as a Christmas present. She love doing puzzles and doing it with her favorite disney character will add more fun.  This is really a great Christmas gift for young and old alike.

 3. Mega Bloks The Smurfs Playground Playset 

Let the kids have fun with the Smurfs at the Mega Bloks® playground, hidden deep in the forest where they live in their magical village. Kids who love outside activities would surely enjoy this. What with the presence of a swing and a seesaw, along with a little slide attached to the sunshade area.This is great for girls as well as for boys too.

4. Furby Boom Sunny Polka Dots

This item is recommended to all children who love interactive toys. It is so cute and adorable, even cool for a boy, great designs and many features. The Furby Boom creature has a mind of its own, and the way you treat your Furby will shape its personality. Never had one like this before so does my 2 nieces. Hmm...I'm thinking to buy this for each of them for Christmas this year.

5. Sparkle And Glitz My First Make Up

This is a good start kit for any little girl who wants to play at make-up. Ideal for the budding model in any little girl.

Those are my top picks for my nieces for this coming Christmas. Need to save some money and then the shopping begins.

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