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Saturday, November 2, 2013

My Dresses and Me

They said that you are what you wear. Our clothing is a reflection of what we are thinking and what we are feeling. Most of the time, I wear clothes that makes me feel comfortable especially when I'm at home. When I go to public places it's different. I wear decent clothes which reflects who I am. Before I became a Christian, I dress like the world but that changed now. How can you reach the lost if they see you dressed like the worldly people out there. I see a lot of women who profess to be Christians but wear indecent and very revealing clothes, very short shorts, plunging necklines and tight hugging clothes as if they're trying to show off their bodies or seduce the opposite sex.

I wear simple clothes. You may think I'm old fashion but who cares. I dress to please my Creator. I love flowery dresses too mostly made of cotton fabrics because they are cool. I always wear dress or skirt and blouse when I go to church. I want to look my best when I go to God's house. I don't buy expensive clothes. I think it's not practical. There are other necessities to think about. My wardrobe is full and I'm trying to thin it out and give some to those in need.

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