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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hubby's Birthday Celebration

Today is Sunday and it's my hubby's birthday. We had our church service and after church we went to eat at City Deluxe Restaurant and Bakeshop to celebrate his birthday together with my 2 brothers and their families, my ex-brother-in-law and 2 boys. Hubby didn't want to celebrate in the house because it's a lot of hassle to prepare and cook and clean-up afterwards. It's more convenient to dine out with just the family. Seven of us adults, 2 teens and 2 li'l girls rode the van and went to dine out.

I suggested to hubby that we'll celebrate his birthday at City Deluxe. Three weeks ago, hubby and I had a lunch date there and you can read it here. The reason I wanted to go back there is because their foods are yummy and priced reasonably. Since it's hubby's treat, I did the choosing of the foods for all of us. I just wanted to be sure that we will not go beyond the budget. First I ordered plain rice for the 10 of us pinoys and fried rice for my American hubby. I ordered 2 buttered chicken as suggested by the waitress because it's their bestseller, 4 orders of chop suey, 10 pork barbecues on a stick, 2 orders of pancit, iced tea for all of them and pineapple juice for me.

While waiting for my orders, I bought a cake for hubby from the bakeshop with my own money. I told him it's my gift for him. I think he likes it!

When our foods were served, we asked Jhun to say the blessing and then time to dig in. Everybody loves the foods. The buttered chicken was a hit and I loved the chop suey. The li'l girls love the pork barbecue but hubby said it was a so-so.

The iced tea was so sweet. It's good there were calamansi for the pancit and that's what they used to lessen the sweetness plus they added more water to their tea and it tasted a lot better.

Everybody were full and satisfied. My two teenage nephews ate the most. Kenneth had to unbuckle his belt to make his pants loosen up. Oh well, they're growing boys. After we ate our meals, nobody would want to eat the cake no more. They said, they are all full and bloated, lol! We took home the cake including the leftovers.

Happy birthday honey and many more to come. I love you more than words can say.


Juliana said...

Hi! Manang

Happy birthday to the hubs. Here's a wish for many more to come, good health and happiness.

Nagimas dagita in-order nyo. Miss ko talaga ang pinoy foods. Iba pa din ang pinoy cooking.

Lisa said...

Thanks Juliana for the birthday wishes for hubby. He had a good time eating pinoy foods on his b-day. Ganyan din ako noong nasa US ako, sobrang miss ko mga foods dito sa Pinas. Ngayon naman na andito na ako, miss ko naman mga American foods, lol!

Juliana said...

Hello! Manang

I sent you an email. Pa check na lang.

Hope all is well.

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