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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Dress To Impress

I'm really attracted to long formal dresses though I don't own one. I just love looking at those women who wear it on formal gatherings. I wrote my thoughts about dresses in my previous post so if ever I will own an evening dress, I would like it to be simple yet classy. You don't have to wear skimpy or see-through clothes to look appealing. You don't have to show too much skin to be noticed. It's how you carry your dress that really counts. You can wear one of those stylish and elegant dresses from Dress First. They have a bunch of collections of different kinds of dresses like wedding dresses, cocktail dresses, evening dresses, bridesmaid dresses, etc. Just looking at their collections made me want to own one. In fact here are couple of special occasion dresses that really caught my eye.

A woman's outfit is not complete without wearing her favorite shoes. The color of the shoes should match the dress of course so it should be given a careful attention. Some prefer high-heeled shoes but not me. I can't walk with it. To each their own. Another part of the get up are shining jewelries but just don't overdo it. Simplicity is beauty as they say. Last but not the least is to carry a fashionable handbag or a clutch bag. So there you go. Ready to party.

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