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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dining Out

Hubby and I are both foodies and we love to try different foods from restaurants in the nearby city where we buy groceries. We don't do it very often, maybe twice or thrice a month if the need arises. We've been to Hap Chan restaurant a few times but I haven't blogged about it yet. Now, it's time to write a personal review about this resto. A week ago, hubby and I went to dine there after our grocery shopping. The name itself, you can already tell that Hap Chan is a Chinese restaurant. The place is very clean and has a nice ambiance. It is decorated with Chinese decors. There are quite a few people dining there.

When the waitress came to give us the menu, it didn't take long for hubby to chose his order. He ordered his favorite fried squid, fried rice and iced tea. Every time we go there, he always order these. The fired squid is good for 1-2 persons and the fried rice is good for 2-3 persons so we just shared the fried rice. I ordered beef with mango because it's new in their menu list. I was just curious how it tastes. I didn't order any drinks, just plain water. We didn't order any dessert too because I know after eating all these foods, we're already full. Besides, most of their desserts are fattening.

fried squid

fried rice

beef with mango
When the foods were served, I asked the waitress to take our pic so I can post it here. She happily obliged. Hubby was already in a hurry to take the first bite but after he said the blessing. While we were eating, I tasted hubby's squid and in return I gave him some of my beef. Hmmm, yummy to the tummy!

So here's the verdict of the foods. The fried squid is really, really delicious. It's tender and I love the spicy vinegar dipping that goes with it. The fried rice is good but I had better. The beef with mango tasted good, only the beef is a li'l bit tough. It should have been cooked longer. I love the fried squid better. No wonder, hubby like it so much. He finished it off. Mine, I had to ask for a doggie bag and took it home with the left over fried rice.


Juliana said...

Kaka miss ang Chinese food. Ang tagal na akong hindi kumain ng Chinese.

Hope you're having a great week Manang.

Lisa said...

I love Chinese food but we only go there once in a while because most of their foods are greasy. Hubby and I miss American foods now. I miss going to Golden Corral, my favorite buffet resto in the US.

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