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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Laptop Is Fixed

A few days ago, I went to a computer repair shop to have my laptop fixed. For the past couple of weeks, my laptop has been acting up and something was wrong with the screen. I thought it had a virus. When the technician checked on my laptop, he said the LED needed to be replaced. At first he tried to fix it but when he soldered it, the screen went all white. I became frantic thinking my lappy was totally unfixable. The technician told me he can replace the LED with a surplus one because it's cheaper. We made a deal about the price so he worked on replacing it while I was there watching.

Finally after waiting for maybe half an hour, my laptop is working again. I was so ecstatic! I also asked the technician to replace the CD ROM of my laptop because it quit working a few years ago. Ants went inside it and I think that's the reason why it quit working. So we made a deal again about the price of a surplus replacement and now, I'm a happy owner of a repaired laptop. Yay, I can watch DVD's again in my laptop.

I bought my laptop in early 2008 for $700 at Best Buy from my blogging money. I really treasure it because I worked my butt off in blogging just to buy that. The technician told me that my laptop is so nice because the screen is so clear and bright. I hope and pray that it will last for many more years so I can use it in my blogging and facebooking.

Below are photos when I just bought my laptop in Texas almost 6 years ago.


Juliana said...

Hi! Manang

Glad to know that your lappy is back in commission. Gadgets don't last forever but if something can be done to bring them back to life it's better than having to fork out money for a new one. Mine is older for a year and I've had some minor issues but it's hanging in there so far.

Have a great weekend. God bless and take care.

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

You're right Juliana. Fixing my lappy is a lot cheaper than buying a new one. So far it's working good now.

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