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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Laptop Is Fixed

A few days ago, I went to a computer repair shop to have my laptop fixed. For the past couple of weeks, my laptop has been acting up and something was wrong with the screen. I thought it had a virus. When the technician checked on my laptop, he said the LED needed to be replaced. At first he tried to fix it but when he soldered it, the screen went all white. I became frantic thinking my lappy was totally unfixable. The technician told me he can replace the LED with a surplus one because it's cheaper. We made a deal about the price so he worked on replacing it while I was there watching.

Finally after waiting for maybe half an hour, my laptop is working again. I was so ecstatic! I also asked the technician to replace the CD ROM of my laptop because it quit working a few years ago. Ants went inside it and I think that's the reason why it quit working. So we made a deal again about the price of a surplus replacement and now, I'm a happy owner of a repaired laptop. Yay, I can watch DVD's again in my laptop.

I bought my laptop in early 2008 for $700 at Best Buy from my blogging money. I really treasure it because I worked my butt off in blogging just to buy that. The technician told me that my laptop is so nice because the screen is so clear and bright. I hope and pray that it will last for many more years so I can use it in my blogging and facebooking.

Below are photos when I just bought my laptop in Texas almost 6 years ago.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I Love Blogging

Blogging is very popular in the world wide web. Looking at the above infographics, I am astonished with the number of bloggers appearing in the internet and the thing is, I'm one of them! In February 2011, there were 156 million blogs in the internet. I never thought that I will become a blogger years back. I love blogging because I can express myself better in writing than speaking. I started blogging six years ago to share my thoughts, ideas, opinions and ramblings. It was really fun because I got to meet quite a few bloggers from other parts of the world. Paid blogging also came and the more I enjoyed blogging. Since then I created more blogs and now I have 5 websites. I was able to monetize my blogs and it gave me a sense of fulfillment and I feel productive.

Through blogging, I got to earn a decent amount of money from the comfort of my home. It was good to have my own income and not just depend on the husband. I was able to buy a brand new laptop and desk top computer from my blogging money a few months since I became a blogger. Last year I was able to buy my dream Nikon DSLR camera from my earnings as a blogger. There are lots of unexpected perks of blogging, not only money but also different freebies of products to try for a review. I love freebies and who doesn't? I also have followers in my blogs and they come often to visit my blogs and read my posts. It makes me more motivated to improve my writing and my vocabulary. I will keep on blogging and at the same time keep on learning some new things. If you have a blog, sign up here then submit your blog, wait for the approval and start making money. I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy it like I do.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lunch Date At City De Luxe

A couple of days ago, hubby and I went to buy a bottle of herbal meds that he's been taking. Hubby asked my brother to drive for us. I noticed lately that hubby is getting lazy to drive. After his bout of dengue fever, he haven't fully recovered yet. He's still kinda weak and get tired easily. At the parking lot, I've seen a few restaurants that I never knew they were there. I told hubby I wanted to eat at City Deluxe Bakery and Restaurant because I used to frequent their main branch when I was in college. It was already past eleven in the morning when hubby and I were done in the health store so we proceeded to the said restaurant.

There were quite a few customers dining inside. The place was clean and it has a nice ambiance. After looking at their menu which the waitress gave to us, I decided to order beef with broccoli, rice and pineapple juice while hubby ordered the deluxe sandwich and iced tea. My brother ordered the bihon pancit guisado and pineapple juice. Their price is very reasonable and affordable. While waiting on our orders, more and more people are coming in to dine. Dining in that restaurant brings back memories during my college days. My friends and I used to eat in their main branch in Dagupan. My aunt love to eat in that restaurant too. My first BF and I had our first date in that restaurant. I suddenly became nostalgic and walking down memory lane.

When our foods were served, I didn't expect that their serving is good for 2 people. My brother took our pics before we ate using my cellphone. I forgot to bring my camera. The foods were so good. We had to ask for a doggie bag because my brother and I were not able to finish all our foods. As I said, there serving is big. I was satisfied and I definitely will go back there again. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sunday Photography

Here are some pics of me and hubby taken last Sunday morning after church right after we got home. I asked hubby not to take off his church clothes yet so we can have some of our pics taken. These are our latest pics together after hubby's bout of dengue fever. He is not yet 100% well but he managed to preach last Sunday. I am so proud of him. I wanted to take pics of him while he was preaching but I forgot to bring the SD card of my camera. Too bad. So I just decided to have our pics taken when we got home and used my DSLR. I asked Dominica again to take our pics. She's a newbie and I just taught her how to use my digicam. Here are some of her photography. I just put some embelishments.

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