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Thursday, September 5, 2013

There’s more senior retirement activites than you can count

This is a guest post.

Thanks goodness for the internet. I mean, I’m 42 years old now so I know I should definitely vividly remember a time when we didn’t have it. And I do, I really do. And trust me, there are definitely some things that drive me crazy about us having the internet. My kids attention spans for one. I feel like they constantly need some sort of “device” in their hands at all times. And apparently there’s this new thing that is making their attention spans even shorter. There’s a new app or program where they make little ten second videos. These kids are crazy nowadays. Wait, that makes my sound old, never mind.

But man oh man there are things that the internet makes a whole lot easier. And recently I can tell you as I look for a retirement community here in Florida or a Florida CCRC as they are called in the industry, I am loving the internet. There are more senior retirement communities with more senior retirement activities here in South Florida than you can shake a stick at. Without the internet and reviews and websites like Yelp how would you determine where to park your folks? What, the Yellow Pages? Yeah, right.

Anyways, after a few long hours of reading reviews and checking scores, talking to administrators, etc. I quickly narrowed the pool of possibilities for the folks down to a few awesome CCRC’s. I’ve quickly made some appointments for next weekend and I’m dragging the parents down there to check them out. I can’ imagine how long this process would take with being abe to do tons of research online before visiting. Yes, I can remember a time before the internet, but in this particular case thank you internet.

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