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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday Snapshots

Today after coming home from church, I asked my girl Dominica to take some snap shots of me. I love to wear dresses or skirts and blouses in going to church so before I take them off and change into my house clothes, I wanted to have my pics taken. I only do these if I'm in the mood and this morning was one of those days. I'm thinking of posting my pics here every Sunday and I hope I will not get lazy doing it.

My photographer is a newbie and I'm not a professional model. My hubby said that most Asians love to take pics and love their pics taken. That is so true! That's the main reason why I bought my DSLR camera to take and take a lot of pics. So here are my latest snap shots taken this morning. I gained some weight and I'm trying to lose some. Hope to get back my ideal weight soon.


juliana said...

hi Manang!

nice to see you looking so fresh amidst the greeneries. sige lang post lang ng post ng pics. good for you at may DSLR ka pala. ako hanggang point and shoot lang. I have no patience to learn and make butingting hahaha.

have a great day!

Lisa said...

Oo nga Julia, pose na lang ng pose si lola. Na-inspire ako sa 'yo. Ang gaganda kasi ng mga pics at mga outfits mo sa yong blog. Yeah, I have a DSLR which I bought in the US last year kaso marami pa akong dapat matutunan. Wala din akong masyadong time magbutingting.

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