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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Military Families And The Common Challenges They Face

When I was in the great state of Texas, I got to meet a lot of military families while I was working at Sheppard Air Force Base. Most of them were fellow Filipinas who were married to military men. I even befriended them and I became very close to quite a few of them. There were times I was wondering what would my life be if my hubby was also in the military. I thought it would be fun and so exciting especially if the husband and family would be deployed to different places all over the world not to mention the benefits that they get from the government in serving the country.

While talking to these military spouses, I found out their struggles and the common challenges they face while husband is still on active duty in the military. What I thought of having an exciting life is not always true. Military families experience many of the same ups and downs as civilian families, but they have some extra challenges. Military spouses face an increased likelihood of anxiety, depression, sleeping problems and other mental disorders as the result of the stress of separation and fear for their service members’ lives. Military children also face developmental challenges resulting from similar stresses, frequent moves and households managed by single parents.

You can read the infographics below and find out more of the challenges these military families are facing and you can check this Link text as well.

Military Families - The Common Challenges They Face by Low VA Rates

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