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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Learn To Play The Guitar

I was in the grade school when I began to have an interest in learning how to play the guitar. I asked my mom to buy me a guitar but her tight budget didn't allow me to have one. That became one of my frustrations and how I wish I can play the guitar now that we are in the ministry. I could have accompany the kids in singing their special songs on Sundays or maybe teach them how to play it. Our church bought a guitar for the kids who are interested to learn this summer. There are 10 songs for beginners with easy chords below. Some of these songs were so popular in the olden days and I used to listen and sing some of them.

So if you love music and want to have fun, get your guitar, practice the chords and learn how to play these top 10 songs of summer.

10 Guitar Songs for Beginners

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