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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Just Blogging

I attended 2 birthday celebrations today, one this morning and the other one this afternoon. One of my aunts celebrated her 70th birthday and although I was hesitant to go because I know I will not enjoy eating for the reason that they prepared pork for lunch. They butchered two piggies and I don't eat pork. I removed it from my diet since 2006 for health reasons. But since we were invited and I know hubby love pork, we went. The menu were all pork, no veggies whatsoever so I only eat pancit and a very li'l rice but hubby was enjoying the foods. It's been a good while since he had pork.

While we were eating on our table, a bunch of people fall in line to get some foods. Oh my, people were coming from wood works just to get a decent meal. That barangay is composed of mostly average and poor people and if there's free food, they flock there. Some even got two plateful of foods and come back for more maybe to take home. Hubby and I are even saying that it's so hard to invite these people to church but anywhere in that barangay where there is food, expect them to come even though they're not invited. Sad but true. People are more concern of their physical needs than their spiritual needs.

The second birthday party I attended this afternoon was well attended too. It was the birthday celebration of our neighbor's three year old girl. Hubby didn't come this time. They prepared an afternoon snacks and lots of kids and adults were present but not as many as the first one I attended this morning. But still, the mom of the li'l girl didn't expect that number of people will come. But what can I say, people in my country will flock together to go where there's food. Anyways, I enjoyed their foods better and I got full.

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Juliana said...

Oh my back to back na handaan hahaha. Kaka-miss ang ganyan Manang.

Have a great day.

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