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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hubby Survived Dengue Fever

When hubby was admitted in the hospital last September 11th, his platelet count was 126. The normal platelet count is 150-400 x 109/L of blood. I was really devastated when the doctor said hubby is suspected to have a dengue fever. I never thought about that though there are quite a few cases of dengue fever in our town.  Dengue fever is a disease transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito. When we took hubby for a check-up, I thought he might have a UTI or just a fever or flu but I was wrong. The doctor advised us that hubby needs to be confined in the hospital so they can monitor his condition. He's been having fever, stomach pain, head ache, eye pain, nausea, joint pain, weakness and loss of appetite.

The following day, his platelets dropped to 80. I was really worried. The suspect of dengue fever is coming true. I made fresh papaya leaves juice for him and I asked him to drink it. The taste was so bitter and he just drink half of it. I don't blame him because when I tasted it, I almost puke! They gave hubby antibiotics, gastric pain reliever and vitamins. I also bought MX3 food supplement from the pharmacy which I gave him 2x a day to help build up his immune system. He wasn't able to sleep well that night because he had a hard time breathing when he laid down. The next day, his platelets jump up a li'l bit to 90. I was informed that there was a vacant private room so I transferred hubby there. It costs more but it's more convenient for him and for us because we have privacy. This time, there were rashes in his legs, feet, arms and face. I gave him again papaya leaves juice and had to talk him to drink it all this time and he did. I gave him gatorade, quail's eggs and ensure milk. Still, he had no appetite to eat but I forced him to eat even just a li'l bit. 

The next day which was his 4th day in the hospital, his platelets dropped down to 78 and I was so worried again. This time, I gave him the herbal drink called tawa-tawa. This is a weed in the Philippines but a lot of people had been sharing their testimonies how it helped their loved ones fight dengue fever. I boiled 5 cups and gave it to him every 2 hours or so, alternately with blue gatorade. I also gave him 16 cooked quail's eggs that day. I asked him if he wanted to eat hamburger sandwich and he said yes so I went to town to buy. He had cheeseburger and ham and egg burger sandwiches for lunch. For supper, I gave him cheeseburger and 6 quail's eggs. That night, the worst happened. He felt bloated. I think I over-fed him and I blamed myself. He can't sleep because his stomach hurt. I called the nurse and she gave hubby a hot compress for his stomach pain. Then I rubbed efficascent oil on his stomach and around his hips. He burped and not long after that he went to the bathroom and pooped. He felt relieved. He then laid down to sleep but he felt like he was out of breath, like he was drowning. I called the nurse again and she put hubby on oxygen. I was praying to God to heal hubby. Then I cast out the spirit of dengue fever to leave hubby's body and never come back again in Jesus' name. It was already around 4 AM when I drifted off to sleep. Hubby said he as able to get a couple of hour's sleep finally.

Hubby's 5th day which was Sunday, his platelet count in the morning went up from 78 to 98. I was happy. Hubby's rashes is getting worst and also his feet were swollen. Still his gastritis is bothering him. He didn't want to eat more because he was afraid that he might be bloated again. I still insisted that he drink tawa-tawa and eat his meal which the hospital gave. His gastritis was still bothering him. The doctor came and he advised us that we transfer hubby to a bigger hospital with complete facilities so they can  treat him better. The hospital where hubby was confined is a government hospital. We were already getting ready to check out and move to another hospital when the medtech came to get hubby's blood for his platelet count. He asked if we still want it to be done and I said yes without thinking. After a few minutes, he came back and told us we don't need to go to another hospital. Hubby's platelet count went up remarkably from 98 to 168! I can't believe it! Hubby said "Answered prayers!" We were told later that our church members in Anis joined together and prayed for hubby's healing during the worship service. Also our friends, family and loved around the world were all praying for hubby's healing. Jesus still heals today and hears the prayers of His children. Thank you Lord!

That night of Sunday, hubby went home and he's now recuperating. We went back to the hospital today for his check up and his platelet count is 173. He's still kinda weak so please continue to pray for his full and quick recovery from dengue fever and gastritis.

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Rocks said...

Thank you Lord. Indeed God is our great healer :)

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