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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hubby Is In The Hospital

I just got home from the hospital. I left hubby there with my brother to look after him. Hubby was confined this afternoon due to a suspected dengue fever. What a way to spend our wedding anniversary! I'm not happy indeed. I miss my hubby tonight. It's past midnight but I'm wide awake and I'm here in front of my laptop blogging and thinking of George.

Hubby has not been feeling well since Saturday after we attended a birthday celebration where the foods were all pork. Hubby enjoyed it so much and he ate a lot while I didn't because I don't eat pork. I only ate pancit there. Just a few hours had passed, hubby had an LBM. I suspected that it's because of the pork that he ate. Too greasy. The next day he was still having diarrhea and he was not able to attend church service. I bought Imodium for him from the drugstore and it helped but in the afternoon, he had fever. He told me that his face felt so hot that you can fry an egg. I even thought he was just joking. The next day, that was Monday, he was having a stomach trouble, he got no appetite to eat, had a head ache, fever and nausea. I told him to go to the doctor but he said no. Same thing yesterday, he was still not feeling well, on and off fever, his face was so reddish, had some rashes, can't eat, weak and had stomach pain but still didn't wanna go to the doctor. I'm just not used to seeing him sick and not eating. Last night, around 1AM he had a very high fever. I put a wet face towel on his forehead to help ease the fever, then I called my brother and asked him for a paracetamol and fortunately he had some. Then I rubbed hubby's back to make him relax. I didn't sleep until 3AM.

This morning still he didn't want to go to the doctor because he said he had no money yet. His pay check is not yet in the bank. I told him we can remedy that. He has only one life and no spare so he need to take charge of his health. Hubby can be stubborn sometimes. Maybe he was thinking of the money that we will spend on the doctor. He had been hospitalized 4 years ago and we spend a fortune in the hospital. It's not fun to get sick at all. It's good he finally agreed to go to the doctor so I called my youngest brother to drive for us and he suggested to take George to the doctor in a government hospital because we don't have that much money. He had several tests like urinalysis, CBC and platelet, abdomen ultrasound. Everything were okay but the platelet. It was only 126, they said that the normal platelet should not be lower than 150. So the doctor advised us to confine George so they can monitor his condition. The bad thing is, all the private rooms were taken but there was only one vacant bed in the ward and it has no AC. We got no choice but to take it so my brother had to go back home and got hubby's clothes, beddings and some foods. These were not provided by the hospital. Then a couple of hours later, the nurse told us that there was a vacancy in the Philhealth ward and it has AC so we moved hubby there.

I hope and pray that George will get well soon. If you're reading this post, please include George in your prayers. Dengue fever is no joke. Lord, please extend your mighty healing hand on George. I love him so much. To my honeybunch, happy wedding anniversary to us. We may encounter trials and hardships in life but I know God will see us through. We are here serving Him and He will never leave us nor forsake us, our Master and Savior Jesus Christ.


Rocks said...

Praying for your husband. Praying for healing and for the provision as well.

Happy wedding anniversary too!!

Juliana said...

Hi! Manang

I hope it's not dengue and I will include your hubby in my prayers Manang.

I say - happy anniversary to you. May you have many more healthy, happy years together. I'm sure the hubby will be up and about real soon with God's grace and blessings.

Take care and hang in there Manang.

Lisa said...

Thanks Rocks and Juliana. I really covet your prayers. George has dengue fever and his platelet dropped today. Please Lord, heal George.

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