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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Portuguese For Life

This is a guest post.

I’m an adult in my forties. I’m too old and it’s too hard to learn a new language right? Well, that depends on which program you’re planning on using. I speak from experience because I tried to learn Brazilian Portuguese with a program offered by one of the larger companies. I didn’t work very well for me. I tried, but it just wasn’t for me. I was resigned to the fact that I would probably have to use the same dozen or so words that I already knew when I visited the country of Brazil.

Well, after my arrival in to the country for the fourth time I bumped into a couple form the United Kingdom and I couldn’t believe how well they spoke the native language. Of course after hearing them and getting excited at the prospect that an American like myself could learn the language I asked them how they learned to speak Portuguese and recommended a program called Portuguese For Life.

As soon as I got back to my hotel later that night I checked out the company’s website. The participant can start communicating in Portuguese immediately. Once you sign up you’ll be granted full access to all levels of Portuguese For Life. You define the level and the time you wish to invest in learning. So basically it can be as accelerated as you want. You can really crank it up if you want to become fluent quickly. The program was also produced by a team of Brazilian professionals with more than 30 years of teaching experience. It was natural for the founders, having owned several successful traditional language schools in Brazil, to adapt their proven teaching method to this killer online platform. I can’t wait to get started.

Scrapbook Time

Time to feature my scrapbook work. I just love digital scrapbooking. I started doing it over 6 years ago. I ordered online the scrapbookmax software and since then I already made quite a few digital scrapbooks. Below is a simple scrapbook work of mine. As you can see, I love plants and flowers so that's what I used here. These pics were taken last month in front of our house after hubby and I got home from church. Pics were taken by no other than my girl, Dominica. She's so shy to have her pics taken but next time I will snap a pic of her and share it here.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Keratin Control lives up to the claims but without formaldehyde.

This is a guest post.

For those of us with wavy hair, and especially for those that live here in South Florida we would do just about anything to get our hair under control. Heck, we have done just about everything including irons that were way too hot and dangerous chemicals on our heads. But the simple fact is that chemicals like formaldehyde are toxic. The chemical can cause immediate, short-term irritation of the eyes, skin, and upper respiratory tract. But the longer-term risks of exposure are even worse. The EPA classifies formaldehyde as a suspected human carcinogen because of its links to nasal cancer and leukemia. And this warning comes from the agency that allowed first responders to breath the air at the World Trade Center after 9/11. So in a nutshell these chemicals must be bad.

What makes matters worse is that hair treatments are unregulated. But independent reviewers recommend safety standards in cosmetics, advises that beauty products should contain no more than 0.2 percent formaldehyde. But since no health agency regulates ingredients in cosmetics, us ladies have to rely on the manufacturers that, most of the time, are simply trying to earn a buck.

The bottom line is that many of these treatments could live up to their claims without formaldehyde. And one such company that I have found and love is Keratin Control. Many companies say their product eradicates frizz (for up to five months) with only keratin, amino acids, or "proprietary conditioners." But none of these ingredients alone can keep hair frizz-free through multiple shampoos. That's why formulas also include these harsh and dangerous chemicals. After the hair is thoroughly saturated with one of these solutions, it's dried and flat ironed; the process releases the formaldehyde, which bonds the conditioners to the hair so it remains smooth for months. But with Keratin Control there are no chemicals. You can have your cake and eat it too.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Perfect Getaway

A getaway to a cabin in the woods is an appealing idea to many people. When a couple or family stays in a cabin, they can avoid the noise that comes with staying in a hotel. More importantly, they can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature all around them. Here are a few of the common occasions when people opt for a cabin getaway.

Summer Vacation from School

When the kids are off from school many parents arrange for the family to stay in a cabin for the week. Parents especially appreciate the physical activities such as walking trails, bicycling and canoeing that kids can take advantage of. Many parents prefer this type of vacation to sitting in a hotel room with the kids and watching television.

Wedding Anniversaries

A wedding anniversary is the perfect opportunity for a getaway to a cabin especially if the couple went to a cabin on their honeymoon. A couple can take hikes in the woods, go boating or just sit together in their cabin and talk. While staying in a cabin, there are many options for couples who love the outdoors.

A Weekend Away

Finally a cabin is a great place to retreat to if only for a couple of days. The change in atmosphere and quiet surroundings is sure to bring anyone's stress level down a few notches! People who'd like to getaway for awhile may want to find Beavers Bend Cabins at for more information.

I'm Under The Weather

I'm not feeling well since yesterday morning. I have fever, cough and colds and everything doesn't taste good. I just pray to God I get well soon because I'm still taking care of hubby. He is not 100% well yet. His feet are still swollen and he said it feels tight. He's still kinda weak. I've been taking paracetamol and some food supplements to  nourish my system. Hope I get better tomorrow so I can go to church.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hubby Survived Dengue Fever

When hubby was admitted in the hospital last September 11th, his platelet count was 126. The normal platelet count is 150-400 x 109/L of blood. I was really devastated when the doctor said hubby is suspected to have a dengue fever. I never thought about that though there are quite a few cases of dengue fever in our town.  Dengue fever is a disease transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito. When we took hubby for a check-up, I thought he might have a UTI or just a fever or flu but I was wrong. The doctor advised us that hubby needs to be confined in the hospital so they can monitor his condition. He's been having fever, stomach pain, head ache, eye pain, nausea, joint pain, weakness and loss of appetite.

The following day, his platelets dropped to 80. I was really worried. The suspect of dengue fever is coming true. I made fresh papaya leaves juice for him and I asked him to drink it. The taste was so bitter and he just drink half of it. I don't blame him because when I tasted it, I almost puke! They gave hubby antibiotics, gastric pain reliever and vitamins. I also bought MX3 food supplement from the pharmacy which I gave him 2x a day to help build up his immune system. He wasn't able to sleep well that night because he had a hard time breathing when he laid down. The next day, his platelets jump up a li'l bit to 90. I was informed that there was a vacant private room so I transferred hubby there. It costs more but it's more convenient for him and for us because we have privacy. This time, there were rashes in his legs, feet, arms and face. I gave him again papaya leaves juice and had to talk him to drink it all this time and he did. I gave him gatorade, quail's eggs and ensure milk. Still, he had no appetite to eat but I forced him to eat even just a li'l bit. 

The next day which was his 4th day in the hospital, his platelets dropped down to 78 and I was so worried again. This time, I gave him the herbal drink called tawa-tawa. This is a weed in the Philippines but a lot of people had been sharing their testimonies how it helped their loved ones fight dengue fever. I boiled 5 cups and gave it to him every 2 hours or so, alternately with blue gatorade. I also gave him 16 cooked quail's eggs that day. I asked him if he wanted to eat hamburger sandwich and he said yes so I went to town to buy. He had cheeseburger and ham and egg burger sandwiches for lunch. For supper, I gave him cheeseburger and 6 quail's eggs. That night, the worst happened. He felt bloated. I think I over-fed him and I blamed myself. He can't sleep because his stomach hurt. I called the nurse and she gave hubby a hot compress for his stomach pain. Then I rubbed efficascent oil on his stomach and around his hips. He burped and not long after that he went to the bathroom and pooped. He felt relieved. He then laid down to sleep but he felt like he was out of breath, like he was drowning. I called the nurse again and she put hubby on oxygen. I was praying to God to heal hubby. Then I cast out the spirit of dengue fever to leave hubby's body and never come back again in Jesus' name. It was already around 4 AM when I drifted off to sleep. Hubby said he as able to get a couple of hour's sleep finally.

Hubby's 5th day which was Sunday, his platelet count in the morning went up from 78 to 98. I was happy. Hubby's rashes is getting worst and also his feet were swollen. Still his gastritis is bothering him. He didn't want to eat more because he was afraid that he might be bloated again. I still insisted that he drink tawa-tawa and eat his meal which the hospital gave. His gastritis was still bothering him. The doctor came and he advised us that we transfer hubby to a bigger hospital with complete facilities so they can  treat him better. The hospital where hubby was confined is a government hospital. We were already getting ready to check out and move to another hospital when the medtech came to get hubby's blood for his platelet count. He asked if we still want it to be done and I said yes without thinking. After a few minutes, he came back and told us we don't need to go to another hospital. Hubby's platelet count went up remarkably from 98 to 168! I can't believe it! Hubby said "Answered prayers!" We were told later that our church members in Anis joined together and prayed for hubby's healing during the worship service. Also our friends, family and loved around the world were all praying for hubby's healing. Jesus still heals today and hears the prayers of His children. Thank you Lord!

That night of Sunday, hubby went home and he's now recuperating. We went back to the hospital today for his check up and his platelet count is 173. He's still kinda weak so please continue to pray for his full and quick recovery from dengue fever and gastritis.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Top 10 things to do in Orlando will help make your decision about moving there.

This is a guest post.

I recently graduated from University of Miami and while I love the city of Miami and have loved growing up in South Florida I needed a change. That often seems to be the case when you spend your whole life in the same city no matter how great everyone thinks your home town is. I wanted to lay down some groundwork in a new city but I also want to stay in Florida as most of my friends and family are here. So it became a toss up between Orlando, Tampa and the Pensacola area. I figured those are the three areas that it seems attract young professionals.

Well, I began the search by looking for new townhomes or new condos in Orlando, Tampa and Pensacola. I looked far and wide within each city. I checked out both the areas within the city and downtown as well as the neighborhoods surrounding the city center. I was looking for the possibility of something a little bit less expensive and since I don’t need any distractions from nightlife that seemed fine by me.

Before taking the plunge in each city I also thought I should check out what kind of fun activities are available in each city as well. So I made it a point to check top 10 things to do in Orlando, Tampa or Pensacola. Believe it or not Orlando had both of the two things that I was looking for. Orlando had many options of different pockets of neighborhoods that had great vibes that I was looking for. But Orlando also had a lot of different fun things to do as you can imagine.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hubby Is In The Hospital

I just got home from the hospital. I left hubby there with my brother to look after him. Hubby was confined this afternoon due to a suspected dengue fever. What a way to spend our wedding anniversary! I'm not happy indeed. I miss my hubby tonight. It's past midnight but I'm wide awake and I'm here in front of my laptop blogging and thinking of George.

Hubby has not been feeling well since Saturday after we attended a birthday celebration where the foods were all pork. Hubby enjoyed it so much and he ate a lot while I didn't because I don't eat pork. I only ate pancit there. Just a few hours had passed, hubby had an LBM. I suspected that it's because of the pork that he ate. Too greasy. The next day he was still having diarrhea and he was not able to attend church service. I bought Imodium for him from the drugstore and it helped but in the afternoon, he had fever. He told me that his face felt so hot that you can fry an egg. I even thought he was just joking. The next day, that was Monday, he was having a stomach trouble, he got no appetite to eat, had a head ache, fever and nausea. I told him to go to the doctor but he said no. Same thing yesterday, he was still not feeling well, on and off fever, his face was so reddish, had some rashes, can't eat, weak and had stomach pain but still didn't wanna go to the doctor. I'm just not used to seeing him sick and not eating. Last night, around 1AM he had a very high fever. I put a wet face towel on his forehead to help ease the fever, then I called my brother and asked him for a paracetamol and fortunately he had some. Then I rubbed hubby's back to make him relax. I didn't sleep until 3AM.

This morning still he didn't want to go to the doctor because he said he had no money yet. His pay check is not yet in the bank. I told him we can remedy that. He has only one life and no spare so he need to take charge of his health. Hubby can be stubborn sometimes. Maybe he was thinking of the money that we will spend on the doctor. He had been hospitalized 4 years ago and we spend a fortune in the hospital. It's not fun to get sick at all. It's good he finally agreed to go to the doctor so I called my youngest brother to drive for us and he suggested to take George to the doctor in a government hospital because we don't have that much money. He had several tests like urinalysis, CBC and platelet, abdomen ultrasound. Everything were okay but the platelet. It was only 126, they said that the normal platelet should not be lower than 150. So the doctor advised us to confine George so they can monitor his condition. The bad thing is, all the private rooms were taken but there was only one vacant bed in the ward and it has no AC. We got no choice but to take it so my brother had to go back home and got hubby's clothes, beddings and some foods. These were not provided by the hospital. Then a couple of hours later, the nurse told us that there was a vacancy in the Philhealth ward and it has AC so we moved hubby there.

I hope and pray that George will get well soon. If you're reading this post, please include George in your prayers. Dengue fever is no joke. Lord, please extend your mighty healing hand on George. I love him so much. To my honeybunch, happy wedding anniversary to us. We may encounter trials and hardships in life but I know God will see us through. We are here serving Him and He will never leave us nor forsake us, our Master and Savior Jesus Christ.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Learn To Play The Guitar

I was in the grade school when I began to have an interest in learning how to play the guitar. I asked my mom to buy me a guitar but her tight budget didn't allow me to have one. That became one of my frustrations and how I wish I can play the guitar now that we are in the ministry. I could have accompany the kids in singing their special songs on Sundays or maybe teach them how to play it. Our church bought a guitar for the kids who are interested to learn this summer. There are 10 songs for beginners with easy chords below. Some of these songs were so popular in the olden days and I used to listen and sing some of them.

So if you love music and want to have fun, get your guitar, practice the chords and learn how to play these top 10 songs of summer.

10 Guitar Songs for Beginners

Just Blogging

I attended 2 birthday celebrations today, one this morning and the other one this afternoon. One of my aunts celebrated her 70th birthday and although I was hesitant to go because I know I will not enjoy eating for the reason that they prepared pork for lunch. They butchered two piggies and I don't eat pork. I removed it from my diet since 2006 for health reasons. But since we were invited and I know hubby love pork, we went. The menu were all pork, no veggies whatsoever so I only eat pancit and a very li'l rice but hubby was enjoying the foods. It's been a good while since he had pork.

While we were eating on our table, a bunch of people fall in line to get some foods. Oh my, people were coming from wood works just to get a decent meal. That barangay is composed of mostly average and poor people and if there's free food, they flock there. Some even got two plateful of foods and come back for more maybe to take home. Hubby and I are even saying that it's so hard to invite these people to church but anywhere in that barangay where there is food, expect them to come even though they're not invited. Sad but true. People are more concern of their physical needs than their spiritual needs.

The second birthday party I attended this afternoon was well attended too. It was the birthday celebration of our neighbor's three year old girl. Hubby didn't come this time. They prepared an afternoon snacks and lots of kids and adults were present but not as many as the first one I attended this morning. But still, the mom of the li'l girl didn't expect that number of people will come. But what can I say, people in my country will flock together to go where there's food. Anyways, I enjoyed their foods better and I got full.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

There’s more senior retirement activites than you can count

This is a guest post.

Thanks goodness for the internet. I mean, I’m 42 years old now so I know I should definitely vividly remember a time when we didn’t have it. And I do, I really do. And trust me, there are definitely some things that drive me crazy about us having the internet. My kids attention spans for one. I feel like they constantly need some sort of “device” in their hands at all times. And apparently there’s this new thing that is making their attention spans even shorter. There’s a new app or program where they make little ten second videos. These kids are crazy nowadays. Wait, that makes my sound old, never mind.

But man oh man there are things that the internet makes a whole lot easier. And recently I can tell you as I look for a retirement community here in Florida or a Florida CCRC as they are called in the industry, I am loving the internet. There are more senior retirement communities with more senior retirement activities here in South Florida than you can shake a stick at. Without the internet and reviews and websites like Yelp how would you determine where to park your folks? What, the Yellow Pages? Yeah, right.

Anyways, after a few long hours of reading reviews and checking scores, talking to administrators, etc. I quickly narrowed the pool of possibilities for the folks down to a few awesome CCRC’s. I’ve quickly made some appointments for next weekend and I’m dragging the parents down there to check them out. I can’ imagine how long this process would take with being abe to do tons of research online before visiting. Yes, I can remember a time before the internet, but in this particular case thank you internet.

Busy Everyday

Since hubby and I came back home from the states a year ago, we didn't have time to go around, have a vacation and enjoy the beauty of God's wonderful creation. We've been busy in doing this and that. After we had our house done, now we are working on doing our church building. You can read here my post about it.

Everyday, hubby and I go to the site to see it and also to give snacks to the workers. We often go to the hardware store to buy the materials needed for the construction. Hubby and I are so excited and we can't wait to see it finished. We just hope and pray that God will provide all the financial need to finish His house of worship.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Military Families And The Common Challenges They Face

When I was in the great state of Texas, I got to meet a lot of military families while I was working at Sheppard Air Force Base. Most of them were fellow Filipinas who were married to military men. I even befriended them and I became very close to quite a few of them. There were times I was wondering what would my life be if my hubby was also in the military. I thought it would be fun and so exciting especially if the husband and family would be deployed to different places all over the world not to mention the benefits that they get from the government in serving the country.

While talking to these military spouses, I found out their struggles and the common challenges they face while husband is still on active duty in the military. What I thought of having an exciting life is not always true. Military families experience many of the same ups and downs as civilian families, but they have some extra challenges. Military spouses face an increased likelihood of anxiety, depression, sleeping problems and other mental disorders as the result of the stress of separation and fear for their service members’ lives. Military children also face developmental challenges resulting from similar stresses, frequent moves and households managed by single parents.

You can read the infographics below and find out more of the challenges these military families are facing and you can check this Link text as well.

Military Families - The Common Challenges They Face by Low VA Rates

Sunday Snapshots

Today after coming home from church, I asked my girl Dominica to take some snap shots of me. I love to wear dresses or skirts and blouses in going to church so before I take them off and change into my house clothes, I wanted to have my pics taken. I only do these if I'm in the mood and this morning was one of those days. I'm thinking of posting my pics here every Sunday and I hope I will not get lazy doing it.

My photographer is a newbie and I'm not a professional model. My hubby said that most Asians love to take pics and love their pics taken. That is so true! That's the main reason why I bought my DSLR camera to take and take a lot of pics. So here are my latest snap shots taken this morning. I gained some weight and I'm trying to lose some. Hope to get back my ideal weight soon.

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