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Friday, August 2, 2013

My Hair Rebond

My hair has natural waves since birth. Among my siblings, I'm the only one who have this wavy hair and I didn't like it. I think I got it from my father whose hair was a li'l wavy. It's not easy to manage it that's why it's been my dream to have a straight hair. My hair is thin and has fine strands and most of the time I have falling hair. I've been wanting to have a hair rebond a few years ago but then my SIL has been discouraging me. She said she have friends who had it done and later on had a thinning hair due to the effects of the chemicals used for treatment. I got scared and didn't want to do it no more. Here's how my hair looks like before the rebond.

I settled for the ceramic iron to straighten my hair once in a while. Then lately, I was convinced by the owner of Rosalie's Salon and Spa to have a hair rebond. I asked if the chemicals will damage my thin hair and she said no. She said they have done quite a few hair rebond for their customers and nobody came back and complained. So this morning I decided it's time to make my hair straight. I asked hubby to give me money for my hair rebond. I told him this will be his advance birthday gift for me. The second installment will be on my birthday, lol! He gave me the money and off I went to the beauty salon. It took 4 hours to do the rebond. Here's a photo while Rose is applying the treatment on my hair.

After 4 hours in doing the rebond, here's the outcome. Finally, I have my dream hair, straight and smooth! Love it!

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