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Monday, August 5, 2013

It's My Birthday!

I thank God for giving me another year. I'm so blessed beyond measure that God let me live up to this day and the days to come. Fifteen years ago I thought I would not live long to celebrate my birthday due to the big C but  God in His mercy extended my life. I know He has still a plan for me and I didn't know it then until hubby and I decided to come back to the Philippines 4 and half years ago and start a ministry for the Lord. Now I know why I'm still here in this world, to help hubby in the ministry and minister to the lost. I know this is what I'm called for, to be a missionary and there's no greater honor, no higher calling than to serve God.

To celebrate my birthday and thanksgiving to the Lord, we prepared some foods for supper. True to his word, my youngest brother came early this morning and helped in cooking. He grilled chicken breasts and prepared it like "kilawen" style. He brought with him his wife's aunt to help us. Then after lunch, my uncle, his wife and granddaughter came to help in cooking too. They cooked the beef caldereta, chicken adobo and pinakbet. I did the vegetable lumpia and pancit. The night before, I made the agar-agar fruit salad. Some members of our church came, our neighbors and kinfolks and my siblings and their families of course.

I got two roll cakes courtesy of my brother-in-law and family and from a family who just joined our church. I was really ecstatic and blessed. A lot of people got full and that includes me, lol! Thank you Lord for your unending blessings and provisions and thank you for my loved ones, family and friends who came and celebrate my birthday with me. Lord, thank you for my life and my salvation and continue to use me for your glory until you call me home. I love you Lord.



Rocks said...

Happy happy birthday Ms. Lisa..may the Lord bless you and your ministry as well.

Hoping to meet you and your husband someday!

Anonymous said...

happy birtnday miss lisa!

Lisa said...

Thanks Rocks. Hope to meet you too someday. If you happen to visit Pangasinan, maybe we can meet.

Lisa said...

Thanks Cecil for visiting my blog.

juliana said...

hello! Manang ko, belated happy birthday. may God continue to bless you with good health, happiness and long life so you can continue your Mission in spreading God's word.

sorry pala, at hindi pa kita na email. one of these days, I'll shoot you an email.

take care always.

Lisa said...

Thanks Juliana. I'll wait for your e-mail ading ko.

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