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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Foodie is a word a lot of people aren't familiar with, but it isn't hard to understand! Without too much ado about it, a foodie is simply someone who enjoys food. More often than not, foodies are not professional critics. They are simply people that very much enjoy food and pursue it as something as a hobby. This doesn't mean they deliberately overeat or anything deeper, simply that they enjoy food and are minor experts on the subject without necessarily having a reputation to keep up or professional obligations to honor.

For this reason, foodies are often considered good people to ask about different recipes and such. As foodies, rather than food critics, they can put forward answers based not on obligation or for the pursuit of profit but simply because they enjoy food. They have their own opinions and refine them through personal experience over time. This doesn't mean you should necessarily trust the judgment of anyone that claims to be a foodie, but it does mean you can be fairly sure of the opinion you get. Anyone that claims to be one is, without a doubt, someone that actually enjoys food in a world that seems sometimes to hate calories. This is why the foodie phenomenon is growing more and more commonplace online and you see more and more blogs related to food without additional material about the recipes used or the culture and traditions surrounding it. Sometimes, all you want is an opinion about food.

Chantal Royer is an excellent example of a foodie you might care to read the work of. Chantal has traveled as much as feasible in pursuit of new flavors, all over the United States and abroad. This is the sort of person you want to look to whenever possible if you are pursuing the opinion of a foodie. The more a foodie can travel and gather new experiences, the more they have to compare any given meal to, which allows them to provide a more refined opinion. If you are looking for suggestions or advice about food, you always want to look for someone with experience to back up what they believe. This isn't to say being a "foodie" requires some kind of certification, but simply acknowledging that someone that has experienced more food will have a more refined opinion on the matter. If you can't decide what new food to try or are trying to select a restaurant, the opinion of a notable foodie might be all the advice you need!

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