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Friday, July 5, 2013

Slow Service

Since my hubby and I moved to our duplex home, we were still sharing the electricity with my brother while we're waiting for the installation of our own electricity which I applied in PANELCO. When I applied for our electricity last May, they told me that it takes 2 to 3 weeks to wait for the connection. Well, it didn't happen so on the 5th week, I called their office and asked when are we going to have our electricity. The man of the phone told me that he already gave the meter to the lineman a few days ago. So I waited for a couple of days hoping they will come to install the meter but to no avail. I called again their office and this time, I already got mad. I told the man that I waited that long already and they need to come and install our electricity. I also said that they are very fast to collect my application fee but too slow in doing their job. I also said that if only there's another electric company to chose from then I will apply to them and withdraw my application from PANELCO in a heartbeat. They have a very, very slow service. I also said that they need to install our electricity ASAP or else I will talk to their manager and I gave my full name. I was really feeling mad.

I waited for a couple of days but nobody came. So hubby and I drove to their office in Binalonan and I asked the man there what's taking them so long to connect our electricity. I'm not sure if this was the same man that I talked to on the phone. This time, the man said that the lineman who is in charge of our meter was absent. He called somebody on the phone, gave my name and told the other guy on the phone to get another lineman to work on our electricity. He said this is a priority because it's been too long on the waiting list. When he hang the phone, he said somebody will come and install our electricity. True enough, the next day came the lineman. It only took maybe around twenty minutes for the lineman to work on the connection. Finally, we have our electricity after 6 weeks of waiting. PANELCO, you're slower than a turtle. In the U.S., it only took a couple of days to wait when hubby applied for our electricity there and there were quite a few electric companies to chose from. I just wish the electric company here will improve there services too. Wake up PANELCO.


Juliana said...

Hay naku ang tagal nga naman Manang. I'm glad that it's now in place.

Hope all is well with you. It's great to be here and see your updates. Take care :-) .

Juliana said...

Hi Manang

Is the email add you left on my blog the email you use often? I will email you na lang para ibagak man no apay kimmuttong ak.

Take care always :-)

Lisa said...

Hi Juliana! Sorry for my late reply. Yes, the e-mail address I left in your blog is the one I use often. Just send your message there.

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