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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hubby and Vernice

My hubby and my soon to be 5 years old niece Vernice have a special bonding together. They joke, they laugh and play together. My hubby taught her how to speak English and she taught him some Tagalog words. Whatever my hubby eats or drink, she wants it also. She got her liking of brewed Lipton iced tea and Skyflakes crackers from hubby. Not so many kids here in the Philippines like to drink hubby's iced tea but Vernice do love it. Whenever she see hubby's glass of iced tea on the table, she will get and drink it. To be honest, I'm not very fond of iced tea. Most kids prefer wafers or cookies than crackers but Vernice prefer skyflakes crackers. Why? Because that's what hubby eats almost every meal. Hubby eats crackers with his rice, lol!

We take care of Vernice while her parents are at work. She calls hubby daddy and she calls me mommy. I can tell that she's closer to him than me. She gives him hugs and kisses most of the time and when she wants milk, she'll go to hubby rather than me. Hubby willingly obliged to mix her milk in the bottle. I'm the one giving her bath though and potty training. Vernice is a very sweet li'l girl. Not only she gives us hugs and kisses every day but she always say "I love you" to us. She always entertain us with her singing. Hubby says life would be boring without Vernice.

The other day when I came home from the grocery store, I found Vernice sleeping on the floor under hubby's feet while hubby was watching tv in the living room. I found it so unusual. This afternoon, Vernice slept again under hubby's feet in the same chair where hubby always sit in the living room while he is watching tv. I asked hubby why she likes to sleep there and he said, they were both watching tv together and she was sitting beside hubby's foot and she fell asleep. I got my camera this time and took pictures. I told hubby this reminds me of a puppy sitting beside her master and then finally fell asleep, lol!

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