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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

He's Feeling Better

Hubby was not feeling well yesterday. He had a diarrhea early in the morning but he just told me about it after lunch. He asked if I have something for it but I said I don't have any. I told him not to take anything yet so he can have a bowel cleanse. Prior to that, I cooked goulash the other day and he ate a plateful and he even had a second serving. 

In the late afternoon, he felt kinda weak because he's been on his throne a few times already. I got worried so Dominica and I walked to the drug store in our town and bought him some pills for diarrhea. I admit it's been a while since I went walking and I really enjoyed the walk back and forth. It was already around 6PM and the wind was blowing on our way back home. It felt so good. I want to go back on my walking routine again. Anyway, I have Dominica who's willing to go walking with me.  I wish I could get hubby to go walking with us. He need it badly too.

Hubby took the pill I bought for him when we got home. Then I boiled lemon grass for him which I got from the garden. I gave him the tea and I took some too.  He didn't eat supper but I gave him a couple of saba bananas so he can have something to digest in his stomach. Today, I asked how is he doing and he said he feels better.  

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