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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Tied The Knot

Last Friday was the wedding of Ruben, one of our relatives. He's the same age as my youngest brother. He was one of the groom's men during my wedding, my sis and my 2 brother's weddings many years ago. I thought before that he didn't have plans to get married and just wanted to enjoy the life of being a bachelor but God works in mysterious ways. He sent Ruben his better half, all the way from Spain. Actually, Ruben's oldest sister introduced them to each other and they met personally when the lady came here on vacation a couple of years ago. She is 8 years his senior but love knows no bounds. We thought he just wanted to go to Spain, thus he wanted to marry her. While I was talking to him a few days before their wedding, Ruben was so happy and bubbly. I can see that he's in love. They may have some misunderstandings but I told him it's just normal in any relationship. I advised him that he need to be broad-minded and try to work out their differences. They need time to know and adjust with each other.

By the way, they were married in a civil ceremony by the mayor in our town. It was attended by just their close friends and relatives. It was my first time to see and meet his bride. You really can tell that she is a lot older than the groom but I know a lot of married couple in the same situation and there marriage worked out fine.

The mayor did a good job in officiating their wedding. He also gave a very good message and advise to the couple. He handed the couple a pair of wooden shoes, we call it suwekos in our dialect as a gift to them. This is a way of promoting this handicraft in our town. Laoac is known for suwekos and tupig.

After the wedding, it is a requirement by the mayor that all the couples he married will plant a tree to preserve mother earth. He also gave the couple a tree to take home and plant it in their home.

Then, we all proceeded to a newly opened restaurant called Flying Fish for their reception. We all enjoyed the foods there and there were 3 yummy cakes from Red Ribbon courtesy of the bride's family. After the reception, the newly married couple went up to Baguio for their honeymoon. To the newly weds, I wish you all the best and love, love, love each other!

Monday, May 13, 2013

I Cast My Vote Today

It's a great privilege to exercise the right to suffrage and every people should vote wisely. I am glad I got to cast my vote today. Being a dual citizen, I can vote here in my native land again. I had to register last year during the last day of registration. It's been many years since I voted here because I was out of the country for many years. I went to the voting precinct around 2:30 PM and I was glad that there were not a lot of people there. I voted for those whom I know would be of service to the people and also those who have a good PR. I don't care about those candidates in my hometown who only know you during election campaign but are so snobbish when they don't need your vote.

I heard through the grapevine that vote buying was so prevalent especially in the remote areas. Candidates were giving away to the voters cash money, sweet corn, chicken, vinegar, longaniza, etc. People were already used to that. They said that their ballpens couldn't write the candidate's name in the ballots without cash or freebies. So sad but true. I won't sell my vote. It's my right to chose whom I want to serve my country. There's this senatorial candidate who is a leader of a religious group. I don't understand why he wanted to be a politician. To me, it's more noble to serve the Lord than anything else. The Scriptures said, "No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon." Matthew 6:24 KJV      

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

He's Feeling Better

Hubby was not feeling well yesterday. He had a diarrhea early in the morning but he just told me about it after lunch. He asked if I have something for it but I said I don't have any. I told him not to take anything yet so he can have a bowel cleanse. Prior to that, I cooked goulash the other day and he ate a plateful and he even had a second serving. 

In the late afternoon, he felt kinda weak because he's been on his throne a few times already. I got worried so Dominica and I walked to the drug store in our town and bought him some pills for diarrhea. I admit it's been a while since I went walking and I really enjoyed the walk back and forth. It was already around 6PM and the wind was blowing on our way back home. It felt so good. I want to go back on my walking routine again. Anyway, I have Dominica who's willing to go walking with me.  I wish I could get hubby to go walking with us. He need it badly too.

Hubby took the pill I bought for him when we got home. Then I boiled lemon grass for him which I got from the garden. I gave him the tea and I took some too.  He didn't eat supper but I gave him a couple of saba bananas so he can have something to digest in his stomach. Today, I asked how is he doing and he said he feels better.  
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