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Thursday, April 11, 2013

What A Pain!

Early yesterday morning I tripped and fell in the pavement in our town market when I went to buy fruits. It hurt my right foot more than my ego. I had to stopped and composed myself before walking and buy bananas. Hubby was in the car waiting on me and he had seen what happened. We went home, showered then off we went to SM to buy groceries. First we did was to eat lunch at KFC because it was already lunch time when we reached the mall. Next, we went to the hypermarket to buy groceries. While walking, I felt slight pain in my right foot. First I didn't mind it and kept on walking to buy groceries. Then after a while, the pain kept bothering me and I told hubby about it. He then wanted us to check out and go home but I told him we need to buy all the snacks for our VBS next week. I just don't wanna go back again and waste time and gas. I was in great pain already and can hardly walk.

When hubby was checking out, I sat down while waiting on him. I tried to massage my foot but still no improvement. When we were out of the grocery, I was already limping and wriggling in pain. What a timing too that I needed to use the rest room and it was way off from the grocery. It was so difficult for me to walk alone so I had to hold on to the pushcart that hubby was pushing. I walked slowly and had to stop most of the time. Hubby said, "you can do it, you're a big girl". I was in tears while walking. The pain was unbearable. It was a struggle just to go to the restroom and I was embarrassed because some people were looking at me. Perhaps they were wondering what was wrong with me. After using the rest room, suddenly I felt thirsty. We have to look for a store again to buy bottled water. I got tired in the grocery store and also enduring the pain in my foot and it made me thirsty. We were able to buy water and then off we walked to the parking lot. I walked too slow, limping and squirming with pain. Hubby told me to wait on him infront of the mall while he go and get the car. Just mere standing there was a struggle. The pain was killing me.

The drive home was so long for me and the heat made it worst. It was past 2PM and it was too hot. The AC of our car was not working good. When we reached home, I asked my youngest brother who was there in our house making our kitchen drawers to take me to the massage lady who is good in treating sprain, misalignment, etc. When we reached the lady's house, my brother helped me got out of the car and this time my right foot was already swollen. The old lady massaged my right foot and she told me I have collapsed veins, not one but two. Oh my word! I was wriggling in pain while she was massaging it. That was the most painful moment of my life. I had to asked her to stop for a while to give me time to breath and I asked for water. Then she went on and I had to endure the pain while she tried to locate the veins. I prayed to God to help me endure the pain. After a while, it was done and she stopped. She gave me some leaves, to make a poultice, add some oil, heat it and put on my swollen foot when I get home. My foot was still painful after the massage so when I went home, I had to lie down and rest. It was a struggle just to get anything I need so everytime I need something, I have to howler on hubby. Before my brother went home, he put the poultice on my foot. I slept very early last night and I skipped supper.

This morning, I woke up and I was so thankful to God that my foot don't hurt no more. I can walk, go around without any help and the pain is gone. Thank you Lord for healing me and I also thank the old lady who massaged my foot! To God be the glory!       

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