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Monday, April 22, 2013

House Furniture

Finally, I was able to take some photos of our house the other day. I've been writing about the house renovation of our family home which we made into a duplex but never had the time to post some photos here. So, here are some pics that I took in our living room and kitchen the other day. We bought the living room set last month and I like the design.

The frames on the wall are my cross stitch works. I made them when I was still single when I was working at a public high school in our town. I remember almost all the teachers there were crazy doing cross stitch during their spare time. I still have 3 finished cross stitch works that need to be framed. Below is the 32 inch Sony LED tv that hubby hanged on the wall.

We were not able to buy a dining set because I didn't find one that will fit our house at the store where we bought our living room set. We only need a small set, just a 4 sitter because our space is just limited and hubby and I didn't find one that we like. We need to go see other stores but for now, we just settled with our old, round monobloc table and chairs for our dining room. The important thing is we have a chair and a table to sit and eat.


juliana said...

HI! Manang

your place looks great. enjoy your new home.

those framed cross stitch are your labor of love, ang tiyaga mo.

hope you're enjoying the summer. dito malamig pa din mukhang ayaw lumayas ang wintry temps. take care.

Lisa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lisa said...

Thanks Juliana for dropping by. Matiyaga akong mag-cross stitch before pero ngayon hindi na. Lumalabo na mga mata ni lola. I'm not enjoying my summer here in PI. Grabe ang init. Send me some of your cool weather in NY pls.

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