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Monday, April 29, 2013

Helping A Girl

Hubby and I got a 12 year old girl in the house. Her name is Dominica. She's one of the kids that I teach in Sunday school class in our church and she come from a very poor family. Her father is a farmer and her mom is a stay-at-home wife taking care of her 4 young kids. Dominica's oldest sister used to work for my late sister and she helped her go to school too in her last year of high school. Now, she's working in Manila as a maid to help their family. Dominica will be in first year high school and her parents can't afford to send her to school. Their house is a way off to the public high school and they can't afford her fare and daily allowance. Hubby and I have seen how hard working she is because their house is just beside our church. She takes care of her 2 younger siblings and help in house chores. She is also very faithful in attending Sunday school since we started and very good in memory verses.

Hubby and I decided to help her by taking her to our house and help her go to school. I talked to her mother about it and of course to her and they agreed to my offer. She will come to the house, help me do house chores and in return, we will send her to school. Anyway, the public high school here is just a walking distance from our house and there's no tuition fee. Students are just required to just pay a small amount for the whole school year. We will give the girl a daily allowance for her snacks and if they have projects then we will buy it for her. We will buy her school supplies and uniforms too. She came to our house two weeks ago and  she's been helping me in doing house chores. She's very young but very willing to learn and very obedient. I gave her instructions in what to do in the house. I taught her how to pray before meals and now she's very good in it. I also encourage her to read her Bible in her spare time. We pray that we'll be a blessing to her and she'll be a blessing to us.

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