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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Favorite Dish

Hubby and I love sea foods. In fact, I prefer it more than meat. I love the Omega 3 that I get from it. I used to go to a nutritionist in Texas and she recommended to me to eat fish especially salmon and tuna. I have no problem with it because I love fish and I can eat it everyday. I don't have to worry about fats and cholesterol which I get from meats. The only drawback is that, salmon is pricey. This doesn't stop me from buying it though. There's this website where people can buy seafood online and they will deliver your order directly to your door the next day. Cool isn't it?

Just looking at those sea food photos online make me drool. It makes me want to cook again one of my favorite dish, Baked Salmon. My hubby love this dish and every time I cook it, it's always a hit. I got the recipe from one of my friends. She invited us one time in their house for dinner and she served this dish. It was really delicious so hubby requested me to ask for the recipe and I did. Since then, I've been cooking baked salmon every time I buy this fish. It's very nutritious and delicious and yummy to the tummy.

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