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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bathroom Plumbing

So the plumbing work in our bathroom needs repair. It's newly installed but it looks like it's not done the right way. The pipe that goes to our water heater is leaking. I already asked my brother to fix it and he did but it still leaks. I guess it's my fault too because instead of hiring a professional plumber, I hired my brother instead who is a greenhorn. I relied on what he said that he knows how to do plumbing works. Also. I wanted him to earn some money too for his family so I hired him.

I should have known better, sigh! I should have hired a skilled plumber to do our bathroom like the ones I've seen online from plumbing calgary. I'm pretty sure they do a very good job and their customers will be completely satisfied. Unlike me, I'm so disappointed. Our bathtub is always wet because of the leak. Hubby said I need to ask again my brother to come and redo his work so we can get our money's worth. So guys, in case you want somebody to do your plumbing works, don't hesitate to hire a professional calgary plumber to do the job.Don't settle for anything less than the best. Take it from me.

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