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Sunday, March 17, 2013

What Makes Me Smile

I am smiling these days because I have quite a few blogging tasks from LV and it means dollars of course. I am so inspired to write especially if I'm compensated to do so. And who wouldn't be? Doing paid reviews is one of the reasons why I created my blogs and take note, I have six blogs all in all but this blog of mine has the highest PR and Alexa ranking among my other blogs that's why I got more opps. I update this blog of mine more often than the rest of my blogs. Maybe that's the reason why Mr. G raised this blog's PR a few months ago and the higher PR a blog have, more paid reviews coming. I just wish to God to give me more. Thanks also to my visitors and readers who keep reading my posts. I appreciate it very much. Hope you keep coming back here and I will try my best to update this blog more often.  


juliana said...

hello! manang ko. it's been a long time, kumusta na. I'm glad to know that you and the hubby are both doing well. good for you that you have some opps. kakatuwa talaga.

summer na dyan, habang dito sobrang ginaw pa din. I'll take the hot over the cold haha.

take care and God bless.

Lisa said...

Hi ading Juliana! Thanks for dropping by. I'm sorry I haven't been by your site for quite a while. I have been busy lately. I will try to do my best to swing by your blog and leave you a message on my free time. Yes it's summer here and I hate it. Too hot for my bones. I prefer the cold than the hot weather, lol!

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