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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunscreen For Your Skin

It's so hot here now in my homeland that's why I seldom go out under the scourging heat of the sun. I am avoiding the UV rays of the sun and also I don't want my skin to turn darker. Being an Asian, my skin is brown and I envy those who have a fair and white skin like my hubby. I even bought some whitening soap and lotion for my skin but the thing is, I'm not consistent in using it. I get too lazy doing other things most of the time. Hubby said, why should I bother myself to use those whitening soap and lotion. Many Caucasians pay a lot of money just to have my skin color and here I am wanting to get whiter skin, lol!

Summer is here and the beach is so inviting. Hubby and I loves going there. I need to buy a Broad spectrum sunscreen for me and the husband and use it when we go to the beach to protect our skin from sunburn. Last year, hubby's skin was so reddish after swimming in the beach during day time. He said it sting. I don't want that to happen to him again. Prevention is better than cure, thus sunscreen lotion should be handy. Never go under the sun nor go swimming during day time without applying the best sunscreen on your skin to avoid the ultra violet rays from the sun. 

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