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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Renovation Done

Finally, we are done with the renovation of our house except for the drawers in our kitchen cabinet. It took us two months to finish it and my hubby said he's broke. We started in our living room by tearing down the porch to enlarge our living room. We put new ceramic tiles in the floor all over the house. We constructed a new bathroom and installed new bath tub, commode and lavatory. We put up a new kitchen sink and counter top with back splashes. We also put up kitchen cabinets but as I said, the drawers are not yet finished. We bought a new living room set but we got no more money to buy a dining set for now. We have to put it off until we save money to buy one. We spent a lot of money for the renovation and now we have to slow down in our expenses. It's good to have our own place even though it's just a one bedroom house. It looks like a train, long and narrow house, lol! Anyway, it's better than renting. 

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