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Friday, March 29, 2013

It's Good Friday...

...and we're commemorating the death of our Lord Jesus Christ. It's also a holiday since Wednesday afternoon for all the employees so it's a very long weekend. Hubby asked me earlier if we will have meat and I said "no" but we will have fish steak. I am not a Catholic, not anymore but I'm already used to not eating meat during this time of year. I told hubby that during my younger years when my grandma was still alive, she didn't allow us to take a bath, giggle or laugh out loud and eat meat during Good Friday. She said we can share in Christ's sufferings by doing so. 

The nearby malls were also close today and not a lot of cars are passing by. That's one thing I appreciate here in the Philippines, they still observe the Lenten season. It's very different in the US, no observance of the Lenten season there. It's just like an ordinary day, malls are open, people go to work, dine and eat all you can, etc. I told hubby, it's a Christian country but you can't feel it during this season. It just come and go like nothing happened. Just like Christmas, they don't say Merry Christmas no more but they say Happy Holidays. They removed Christ and just took Him for granted. Sad but true.  

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