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Monday, March 25, 2013


I am not feeling well today.I felt weak and drained and my arthritis in my left arm and fingers is killing me. Though I wanted to work in the house and put things in order but I just can't. The heat is killing me too. All I did the whole day was to stay in our room, turned on the AC, lie down and rest. I asked my hubby to go buy medicine for my arthritis but he kept postponing because of the heat. It's good my youngest brother dropped by late this afternoon so hubby asked him to buy me medicines from the drugstore. It's Holy Week and the heat is so unbearable. I don't wanna go out with this heat. I told hubby I would rather have the winter season in the US than summer. Makes me wanna wish I am in the US now. I'm so jealous with their spring weather this time of the year.    

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