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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Guest of Honor

Last Tuesday afternoon, our pastor from our home church in Texas came to visit us in our house. He drove alone from Manila driving a car that he rented from the airport. He  really impressed me because he's a foreigner and driving from Manila to our province takes 4 hours and it was his first time to visit our place. I don't even know the ins and outs of Manila. Hubby said he wish he has the guts like him.

Our workers were still working in our house when our visitor arrived. Our house was a mess because renovation was still on-going. You can see dust everywhere and the house was really cluttered. I had to rushed in cleaning all the mess so the pastor can use our bedroom. I was really so exhausted that day and when night time came, we had to take our guest to Chow King because I didn't have time to cook. I even wanted to make lumpia and cook pancit but because of the work in the house, I really didn't have enough time to do it. Supervising the workers and cleaning took most of my time. Anyway, we were so glad to have Pastor Brian Weiss in our house and in our church. He came to see our ministry and to visit us. He preached in our church Wednesday night. He only stayed 2 days though. We wished he could have stayed longer. 

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