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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Renovation Is Still Ongoing

This is now the third week since we started renovating our family house and made it into a duplex. The 2 storey goes to my brother and family and the bungalow goes to me and hubby. Our old porch is now enclosed and became part of the living room. The workers had to take down the wall separating the porch and the living room to make our new living room larger. The new sliding windows for the living room has been installed. I chose the ana look sliding windows. Hubby love it. The kitchen counter top has been tiled and the double sink has been installed. I chose elan pink tiles for the counter top and back splash. Now it just need kitchen cabinets.

They are now tiling  the floor in the kitchen, living and dining rooms. I chose a 16"x16" mangrove beech tiles. After they finish these, they will work on tiling the bedroom floor. I chose a shiny beige color for our bedroom floor. The last they will do is to construct a bathroom. My brother don't have to spend that much money in his house because he got the old kitchen, bathroom and furniture. All he gonna spend is for his entry door. 

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