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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Vernice and My Youngest Brother Had An Accident

I was so scared and hysterical when I learned that my youngest brother and my 4 year old niece Vernice had a motorcycle accident early this evening. Vernice was rushed to the hospital by a good Samaritan. Vernice's parents went to see her while hubby and I stayed home coz he can't drive at night. I was so worried and hubby told me to calm down. I went to our room and knelt down and pray to the Lord to heal Vernice whatever was wrong with her. I plead the blood of Jesus to cover Vernice and spare her of any serious injury. Then I went out and hubby and I wanted to go to the hospital but nobody will drive for us. Then we went back to our bedroom again and both hubby and I joined hands together and prayed to God to heal Vernice. Hubby led the praying and I can hear his voice that he was sobbing. I know how he loves Vernice. She's very dear to him and she gives joy to the family.

After we prayed I called Jhun and informed him what happened to Albin and Vernice. He said he was on the way home and he will pick us up so we can go to the hospital to see Vernice. When we were ready to go, Vernice and her parents arrived riding their motorcycle. I ran and checked on Vernice. She had a bump and cut above her right eye and was still bleeding. She also had a scratch below her right eye and was bleeding too plus she had a bruise on her right shoulder. She was crying. Poor baby! My heart goes out to her. My brother had a scratch in his leg and his abdomen was hurting. He said he was driving Vernice home with his motorcycle when suddenly a kid ran across the street. He tried to avoid the kid but it was too late. He hit the kid so he lost balance and he fell from his motorcycle with Vernice in front of him. When he was able to get up, Vernice was grabbed by a good Samaritan and rushed her to the hospital. The kid has also a minor injury. I'm thankful to God that nothing serious happened to them. I thank God for answering our prayers.


Anonymous said...

hoping and praying for their fast recovery!

Lisa said...

thanks Cecil!

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