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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Under The Weather

Happy Sunday everyone! It's such a beautiful day today because it's the day of the Lord. Hope everybody went to church to worship and serve the Lord. Hubby preached a message today entitled "Redeemed Testimony" and I taught Sunday School for the ladies. I was under the weather these past few days until now. I am bothered by this cold and cough and it really makes my throat sooo itchy when it attacks me. There were also nights than I can't sleep well because of this. I've been boiling ginger with lemon grass tea, and hubby bought me a herbal cough syrup called ASCOF forte made of lagundi leaves. He said it helped him a lot the last time he had cough. I just hope it will help me too.

It was only the other month when I had colds and cough and now I have one again. Maybe this January cool weather makes people sick. My brother is under the weather too. When I was in the states, I hardly had cough and colds for the duration of 5 years that I stayed there. I was really surprised because I used to have cough and colds here in PI. In fact. I was having cough and colds when I flew to the US for the first time in 2003. Maybe my body likes the clean atmosphere there, unlike here, it's full of dust and pollution. Makes me want to go back there again.

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