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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

House Renovation

We are currently renovating our family house. The renovation started last week. I suggested to my brother to divide the house and make it like sort of a duplex. It's not equally divided though because I chose the one story part and I let my brother have the 2 story part of the house. Hubby and I don't have kids and my brother have one kid so I let him have the wider one. It's been my desire to have a separate house and also my hubby wants privacy. Hubby wanted to rent but I don't want to. Why rent when I have an inheritance from my grandma although we don't own the whole house. It should be equally divided to the 4 of us siblings but my sis and my youngest brother have their own house already. So it's only between me and my other brother.

It took me a while to convince hubby to divide the house and renovate it. I told him I just don't see myself renting and giving away our money to those house owners when I have a place to stay for free. It just need a renovation. Hubby's reason is that he said that there's not enough space in our lot to roam around or plant veggies. I told him I survived since I was a kid in this lot and I don't want to leave my inheritance and give it away to my brother. I am just practical. It was me and my late sis who spent a lot when we enlarged the house many years ago. I was still single at that time. My 2 brothers didn't spend a single penny for the renovation. The house has a sentimental value to me. This is where I was born and grew up and I lived here until I got married and moved to the states. Besides, we can't afford to buy a land here in our town. Residential lots are way too much.  I would rather spend our money for our foods and traveling rather than buying a lot and construct a nice house. We don't have kids to inherit it and we can't take it to the grave. A house is just our temporary dwelling here on earth until the Lord calls us home. I have a mansion in heaven waiting on me.

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