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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Vernice and My Youngest Brother Had An Accident

I was so scared and hysterical when I learned that my youngest brother and my 4 year old niece Vernice had a motorcycle accident early this evening. Vernice was rushed to the hospital by a good Samaritan. Vernice's parents went to see her while hubby and I stayed home coz he can't drive at night. I was so worried and hubby told me to calm down. I went to our room and knelt down and pray to the Lord to heal Vernice whatever was wrong with her. I plead the blood of Jesus to cover Vernice and spare her of any serious injury. Then I went out and hubby and I wanted to go to the hospital but nobody will drive for us. Then we went back to our bedroom again and both hubby and I joined hands together and prayed to God to heal Vernice. Hubby led the praying and I can hear his voice that he was sobbing. I know how he loves Vernice. She's very dear to him and she gives joy to the family.

After we prayed I called Jhun and informed him what happened to Albin and Vernice. He said he was on the way home and he will pick us up so we can go to the hospital to see Vernice. When we were ready to go, Vernice and her parents arrived riding their motorcycle. I ran and checked on Vernice. She had a bump and cut above her right eye and was still bleeding. She also had a scratch below her right eye and was bleeding too plus she had a bruise on her right shoulder. She was crying. Poor baby! My heart goes out to her. My brother had a scratch in his leg and his abdomen was hurting. He said he was driving Vernice home with his motorcycle when suddenly a kid ran across the street. He tried to avoid the kid but it was too late. He hit the kid so he lost balance and he fell from his motorcycle with Vernice in front of him. When he was able to get up, Vernice was grabbed by a good Samaritan and rushed her to the hospital. The kid has also a minor injury. I'm thankful to God that nothing serious happened to them. I thank God for answering our prayers.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Under The Weather

Happy Sunday everyone! It's such a beautiful day today because it's the day of the Lord. Hope everybody went to church to worship and serve the Lord. Hubby preached a message today entitled "Redeemed Testimony" and I taught Sunday School for the ladies. I was under the weather these past few days until now. I am bothered by this cold and cough and it really makes my throat sooo itchy when it attacks me. There were also nights than I can't sleep well because of this. I've been boiling ginger with lemon grass tea, and hubby bought me a herbal cough syrup called ASCOF forte made of lagundi leaves. He said it helped him a lot the last time he had cough. I just hope it will help me too.

It was only the other month when I had colds and cough and now I have one again. Maybe this January cool weather makes people sick. My brother is under the weather too. When I was in the states, I hardly had cough and colds for the duration of 5 years that I stayed there. I was really surprised because I used to have cough and colds here in PI. In fact. I was having cough and colds when I flew to the US for the first time in 2003. Maybe my body likes the clean atmosphere there, unlike here, it's full of dust and pollution. Makes me want to go back there again.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

House Renovation

We are currently renovating our family house. The renovation started last week. I suggested to my brother to divide the house and make it like sort of a duplex. It's not equally divided though because I chose the one story part and I let my brother have the 2 story part of the house. Hubby and I don't have kids and my brother have one kid so I let him have the wider one. It's been my desire to have a separate house and also my hubby wants privacy. Hubby wanted to rent but I don't want to. Why rent when I have an inheritance from my grandma although we don't own the whole house. It should be equally divided to the 4 of us siblings but my sis and my youngest brother have their own house already. So it's only between me and my other brother.

It took me a while to convince hubby to divide the house and renovate it. I told him I just don't see myself renting and giving away our money to those house owners when I have a place to stay for free. It just need a renovation. Hubby's reason is that he said that there's not enough space in our lot to roam around or plant veggies. I told him I survived since I was a kid in this lot and I don't want to leave my inheritance and give it away to my brother. I am just practical. It was me and my late sis who spent a lot when we enlarged the house many years ago. I was still single at that time. My 2 brothers didn't spend a single penny for the renovation. The house has a sentimental value to me. This is where I was born and grew up and I lived here until I got married and moved to the states. Besides, we can't afford to buy a land here in our town. Residential lots are way too much.  I would rather spend our money for our foods and traveling rather than buying a lot and construct a nice house. We don't have kids to inherit it and we can't take it to the grave. A house is just our temporary dwelling here on earth until the Lord calls us home. I have a mansion in heaven waiting on me.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bible Study

We had our Bible study in our church this afternoon. We do it every Thursday. We started it November last year. I am the one teaching because all those who've been attending were the ladies in our church. Hubby can teach too but he let me do it so the ladies can better understand if it's taught in our dialect. I love teaching and sharing to them the Word of God and I am so glad that the Lord had given me wisdom to teach and be used in this ministry.

Years ago, I can't do it. I was not capable and equipped. Besides I feel nervous speaking in front of many people and my knowledge in God's Word was just limited. But with constant reading and hearing the word of God, I learned a lot. Now, I don't feel nervous no more when teaching Bible study because I know the Holy Spirit is with me. I am doing this because I want to be of service to the Lord and to win souls to Jesus. I also proved to myself that if you are willing to be used by God to do His work in the mission field, He will equip you and help you along the way.

Since we started the Bible study, we had quite a few attendance ranging from 5 to 8 ladies. It was not that bad considering that our church is still young and we don't have many members yet. I was just feeling down today because there were only 2 ladies who attended our Bible study. It was the least attendance so far since we started but the Bible study must go on. The Bible said, "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." Matthew 18:20 KJV.

I just pray to the Lord that next week, our attendance will go up. Lord, bless our ministry and our effort. You know my heart's desire Lord and that is to serve you wholeheartedly. Take away the discouragement in my heart and I pray Lord to convict the hearts of those ladies in our church to come and attend our Bible study and worship services instead of doing their thing like gambling. It really grieves my heart to learn that they are doing that despite the gospel that they have heard in our church. Lord Jesus, help me and my husband to do your will. Help us to be bold and take away the fear in witnessing to the lost. Use us in a mighty way O Lord.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Thank You 2012, Welcome 2013!

Happy New Year everyone! I'm sorry I'm a few days late in greeting my readers here. I hope everybody had a great time welcoming 2013. How time flies! It feels like it's only been yesterday when we welcomed 2012 and now it's over. I don't know if it's only me who feels this way but I remember when I was in grade school, it took long for me to wait for another year to come by but as I grew older, the years are passing by swiftly. Maybe because we're nearing the end times? Just wondering.

The year 2012 was a good one for me and hubby. No one of us got hospitalized, thank God. We had some minor sickness but by God's grace with just some medications and prayers we got well. It was also January last year that hubby started to draw his SS benefits. It's not that much but enough for us to get by. I just wish that the dollar rate will go up this year but since Obama was in office, the dollar rate is going down. We need to budget whatever income we have to keep up with the soaring prices of goods and commodities here in my homeland.   

It was also last year that hubby and I were able to go back to the states after more than 3 years in the mission field. The Lord provided the money for our fare. This is the main reason why we were not able to go back there soon, no money for our plane tickets. We both missed everybody there in Texas especially the kids, grandkids, friends, kinfolks and church family not to mention the foods that we've been craving to eat. The first thing I did when we stepped foot in the airport in Detroit was to buy American foods in the restaurant. Boy, it feels good to be back in the US and eat those foods we've been craving for! We've been to different restaurants for the duration of 4 months that we've been there. Thanks to our friends and loved ones who treated us. We were also able to travel to other states to visit loved ones.

I've got a lot to be thankful for for the past year and this page is not enough to write all the things that the Lord has done for me and hubby but I'm most thankful for my life, my salvation and the ministry that the Lord has entrusted to us. I'm excited to serve the Lord this 2013 and the next years to come. I just pray that the Lord will guide and direct us as hubby and I continue to do His will in our lives. Thank you 2012 for all the memories and I will always treasure it in my heart. Welcome 2013 and Mabuhay!

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