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Friday, December 14, 2012

Where To Spend Christmas

This month is already halfway over and in a matter of ten days, it will be Christmas. I think the days are running so fast. Hubby and I don't have any plans yet where to spend Christmas. For the past three Christmases since we were in my homeland, we were in Baguio every Christmas. Hubby wanted some changes. It's not that he got tired of going to Baguio because we both love it there but he said he wants to spend Christmas either here at home or maybe somewhere else. I've been wanting to take him to the north, somewhere in the Ilocos region because he's never been there. The farthest he went in the north was in San Juan, La Union. I've been to Ilocos region and the farthest I've been to was in Pagudpud but that was many moon years back. I want to go there again this time with hubby. Let's wait and see what will transpire in the coming days. I will write it here for sure.

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