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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everybody are having a great time. Let's just remember that we are celebrating the birthday of the greatest man who ever walked here on earth, Jesus Christ. He is the reason for this festive season.

Hubby and I celebrated Christmas at home. I didn't cook sumptuous foods for Noche Buena like we used to do here in the Philippines. It's only me and hubby and he said I don't have to bother myself cooking last night. We will cook on Christmas Day like Americans do in the US. So I heeded his advice and I just watched tv last night then later on went to sleep. You might think it's boring huh! But I think it's better so we don't have to eat a lot because both of us have already gained a lot of weight. Can't afford to gain more.

This morning, hubby handed me my Christmas gift from him. It's a cool cash worth P1k. It might not be that much but I appreciate it very much. He said I will be the one to buy anything I want because I might not like what he will buy for me. Now I have money for shopping. Then we went out to eat brunch at Chowking. It was my treat for him because I didn't buy him any gift, lol! It really surprised me that a lot of people were there. Then we went to the mall and I shopped while hubby went back to the car and waited on me.

We went back home and my youngest brother and his family were waiting on us to celebrate Christmas with us. So I cooked chicken aftritada, goulash and rice while my brother cooked tinola. He also brought with him the duck recipe that he cooked last night. I just served apple juice and iced tea for hubby. It was a simple meal but we were so full. I didn't have time to take photos of the foods because everybody were already starving. It was past 2 PM when we ate.

Here's our pic taken at Chowking while we were eating brunch. I asked the service crew to take this.

I got the orange chicken meal while hubby got the King's special

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