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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

At Lingayen, Pangasinan

My brother and I went back to the Register of Deeds in Lingayen today to get a document that we need in processing the papers for the transfer of the land that we bought for our church. It did not take long to get it because I went there yesterday to request it and they told me to go back today to get it. My hubby did not go with us because he prefer to stay home and watch tv. Since it was still early, I asked my brother to stop at the capitol building to take pics. The capitol building is not that far from the ROD so my brother drove the car and parked it at the parking lot of the building. I got my camera and walked in front of the capitol building with my brother in tow and took photos of the giant Christmas tree. That Christmas tree is really huge!

Then my brother and I took turns to take photos in front of the giant Christmas tree for souvenir. It's not very often that we go there so we took the opportunity. I just want to feature here in my blog the capitol building of our province in Lingayen, Pangasinan. I am proud to be from this province.

Then we went upstairs to see the nativity scene just in front of the capitol. The images of the nativity scene are life size too. They really spent money for the Christmas decorations. My other brother told me that they even featured on tv the Christmas tree in the capitol.

We went around the landscaped surroundings of the capitol and I was really impressed to see how neat the landscape is. The grass and the green shrubs are well trimmed and there were a few wooden chairs there. The capitol building is surrounded with lots of Philippine flags and it added beauty to the surroundings. The capitol is elevated so when you're up there, you're overlooking all the other buildings around it.

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