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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I love Floral Printed Dresses

I love floral printed dresses and every time I see a dress with flower designs, I would stop and take a second look. Why do I love floral printed dresses? Maybe because I love flowers, lol! I think the main reason is that floral prints are so bright and colorful and it uplift my spirit every time I wear them. I love bright and happy colors. I'm not very fond of dark colored dresses. It doesn't look attractive to me. No offense meant to those who love dark colored dresses. It's just not my type. I love to walk in the beach or in the resort on a bright summer day wearing my floral print dresses. Below are two of my floral print dress collection.

The first one is a bright yellow orange floral dress which I bought last summer. I love this dress because the fabric is so soft against my skin, very cool and I love the style too. As you can see, I'm conservative when it comes to choosing my dress. I just want a simple design, not too short and no plunging neckline. As a Christian, I should dress modestly and not show a lot of skin.

These two photos below were taken at Kultura Splash Wave Resort last summer wearing my floral print dress.

The second one is white and red floral print dress. A friend of mine in Texas gave it to me a few years ago. I lost count how many times I wore this already. It's obvious this is one of my favorite dresses, lol!. I wore this when we went to Pugad Adventure early this year. Below are photos taken there.


Rovie Aguis said...

Floral dress are always cool and fab. It can be worn anytime of the year :)

You look fab in those dresses sis :)

Lisa said...

Thank you sis for the compliment. Floral dress is really cool and I prefer wearing it than blue jeans especially on a hot summer day.

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