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Monday, November 26, 2012

At The Beach

We had a whole day brown-out last Saturday from 7AM to 5PM. Hubby decided that we need to go to the beach to escape the heat for not having electricity. Just imagine, whole day without electric fan, AC nor TV. That is so boring. We left the house around 8 AM with hubby, my youngest brother, my 2 nieces and 2 sisters-in-law. My other did not come because our small car can only accommodate that much so he decided to stay home and watch the house, lol!

We went to San Fabian beach which is a 45 minute drive from our house. The rent of the cottage where we stayed was only 150 pesos. It's cheap this time of the year. During summer, expect that the rent will be higher and that cottage might be renting from 300 to 400 pesos. The beach was not crowded unlike during summer. Lots of vendors flocked to our cottage selling different stuffs like dried fish, fresh fish, knives, etc. I bought boneless bangus, 5 pieces for 100 pesos. Not bad really. In the market, the price is 90 pesos for only 3 boneless bangus. I also bought squid for 100 pesos a kilo which is a lot cheaper than in the market. Then my sister-in-law and I split the cost of a bunch of fresh sari-sari fish for 300 pesos all in all. We had lots of fish and my brother cooked some of it and we ate it for lunch along with rice, ampalaya with eggs and ground beef and grilled hot dogs. We had a sumptuous lunch and as usual, we ate more every time we are at the beach. We had a nice picnic there.

Meanwhile, while waiting on our lunch to be ready, my 2 nieces were enjoying the beach. In fact they stayed there until it's about time for us to leave. They didn't mind the sun at all. Hubby and I didn't go swimming. We just wanted to feel the breeze and stayed at our cottage most of the time. We left the beach at 4:15 PM. When we got home, the electricity is back.  


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I love Floral Printed Dresses

I love floral printed dresses and every time I see a dress with flower designs, I would stop and take a second look. Why do I love floral printed dresses? Maybe because I love flowers, lol! I think the main reason is that floral prints are so bright and colorful and it uplift my spirit every time I wear them. I love bright and happy colors. I'm not very fond of dark colored dresses. It doesn't look attractive to me. No offense meant to those who love dark colored dresses. It's just not my type. I love to walk in the beach or in the resort on a bright summer day wearing my floral print dresses. Below are two of my floral print dress collection.

The first one is a bright yellow orange floral dress which I bought last summer. I love this dress because the fabric is so soft against my skin, very cool and I love the style too. As you can see, I'm conservative when it comes to choosing my dress. I just want a simple design, not too short and no plunging neckline. As a Christian, I should dress modestly and not show a lot of skin.

These two photos below were taken at Kultura Splash Wave Resort last summer wearing my floral print dress.

The second one is white and red floral print dress. A friend of mine in Texas gave it to me a few years ago. I lost count how many times I wore this already. It's obvious this is one of my favorite dresses, lol!. I wore this when we went to Pugad Adventure early this year. Below are photos taken there.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gifts From My Friend

I was given these gifts by one of my friends when we were visiting Texas last summer. Actually, I wanted to blog about this before but I've been too busy then so I put it off and it's only now that I remember to write about it. Malou, one of my Filipino friends gave these gifts to me. I was so amazed that she knew what I wanted. I'm very fond of purses and also fragrances. Of course she would know because she's my friend and we used to roam around BX in the base when I was still working there in TX. That's one good thing of having friends. They shower me with their friendship and gifts too not to mention treating me and hubby to restaurants to our heart's delight. I was so intrigued what's inside the bag when Malou handed it to me. I was so curious to see what she gave me.

what's inside?
Well, I have to open it to see what's inside. To my delight, I found this white Guess bag. The tag price was still there. Maybe she forgot to remove it or she intentionally leave it there for me to see. The regular price of this bag is $90 but it was on sale for half the price for $45. Not bad. I love this bag! I used it when I attended a wedding last month.

 Guess bag for me
Next are my favorite scents by VS and B&B. I used to buy these brands because I really love their fragrances. Now, I don't have to buy because my friends have been showering me with lots of these.

Pink Chiffon shower gel by Bath and Body Works and Bombshell Body Mist by Victoria's Secret
Malou did not forget my hubby. She also gave him a very colorful shirt. Very nice of her indeed!

t-shirt for hubby

Thanks again friendship. You've been such a blessing to us. I thank God for friends like you. May the good Lord bless you more and more.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lunch At Taco Bueno

My hubby and I love Mexican foods. In fact, he learned how to make flour tortillas from scratch because he love tacos and burritos. It's been more than 3 years that we were out of the US so when we got back there last spring until summer, we were so excited to eat the foods that we were craving. We went to different restaurants and we ate to our heart's delight. We dined in a few Mexican restaurants and one of them is at Taco Bueno in Wichita Falls, TX. It was just a few minutes drive from where we stayed in our church.

I brought with me the coupons that I cut from the flyers. I got quite a few for me and hubby. I love using coupons because I'm able to save money. My hubby ordered crispy beef tacos, beans and fried rice and iced tea while I ordered crispy and soft tacos, beans, rice, guacamole and iced too. Hubby don't like guacamole because he said it looks like a baby mess, lol! So I used my coupons and save a few bucks. We love the foods there but nothing beats Filipino foods for me of course.

for hubby

for me


Friday, November 9, 2012

PR Went Up

Wow, I'm so ecstatic to see this blog has a PR2 now! I noticed it last night so I checked it with PR checker from different websites. The PR is valid so it's not just a glitch. I checked it again tonight to make sure and it's still PR2. It's been more than 2 years that this blog was nailed to PR1 and I wondered if Mr. G will ever increase it. Five years ago, this blog has a PR3 but then Mr. G ripped it off and dropped to zero due to those sponsored posts. I just kept blogging and posting once in a while and also joined Alexa blog hopping once in a while too, lol! It paid off and I'm happy. I would be much happier if Mr. G will restore my PR3 but thank you anyway.

Friday, November 2, 2012

At The Vietnamese Restaurant

Hubby and I love dining out and experience great foods at different restaurants. While we were in Texas, we had a great time eating the foods that we missed while we were outside the country. We visited different restaurants and ate to our hearts' delight. One restaurant that we went to was in a Vietnamese restaurant in Haltom City, TX. It's located beside the Oriental store where we buy Asian groceries.

My love of Vietnamese foods started in 2003 when my college friend took me and hubby to a Vietnamese restaurant in Stockton, CA. Their foods were really good and since then, I began to like Vietnamese foods. When hubby went to this Oriental Store in Haltom City last May, I've seen this Vietnamese restaurant beside it so hubby and I went to have lunch there. We both ordered chicken teriyaki and when they served our order, we were surprised to see our plates with very big servings which can feed 2 people per plate. The food tasted good and hubby and I love it. As much as we wanted to finish our foods but we were not able to eat it all. We had to ask for a bag to put our left over foods and took it home.

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