Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Birthday

This is a late post once again. Sorry for lagging behind. I celebrated my golden birthday last Sunday. I am so thankful to the good Lord for giving me this milestone in my life, to be able to celebrate my golden birthday here in Texas. I was teary-eyed and words are not enough to express my deepest gratitude to God for giving me another year. I've been through a lot of trials in my life especially my health. In 1996, I was diagnosed of the big C and in 2005 I had a stroke. How did I survive those major illness that almost took my life? It's only by the grace of God. Maybe if my faith in Him was weak and wavering, I wouldn't be here anymore. But thanks be to God for He healed me and let me live up to this day. The Lord ain't done with me yet. He still has a plan for my life and I'm willing to be used by Him for His glory. Hubby and I has still work to do in our ministry, to lead more souls to the Lord.

To celebrate my birthday, hubby took me to lunch after our church service. I requested him to take me to Jimmy John's. I've never been there before but I heard that their subs sandwiches are great. True enough, hubby and I were satisfied and he said that their sandwiches taste better than Subway sandwiches. But for me, I like Subway better because it has more veggies.

In the evening after our church service, I invited our pastor and his family and 2 friends to dine with us to celebrate my birthday. Hubby and I are staying in our church's guest room for over 2 months now so we cooked foods at the church's kitchen and dined at the fellowship hall. I cooked pancit, lumpia, chicken fruit salad, sandwiches and hubby cooked my favorite German chocolate cake. For our drinks, we served apple juice and bottled water. It was just a simple celebration. Had I celebrated it in the Philippines, it would be a different story. It could have been more guests and of course more foods.


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hi! Manang belated happy milestone birthday!

so you're back here sa US pala. kumusta na. hope all is well. I'm glad to hear again from you.

take care and God bless.