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Thursday, July 26, 2012

At City Park

On our 3rd day in Iowa, we went to the park in Iowa City and had a picnic there. Wayne and Melissa were such a good hosts and they brought chips and sandwiches to the park. I think it took around 20 minutes drive to go there. It was a huge park with lots of trees, picnic tables and the park have a swimming pool too. The park reminds me of the park at Camp John Hay in Baguio City because of the trees and picnic tables, only the trees were not pine trees like in Baguio.

Hubby and I went to where the pool was and took some photos there. I know hubby don’t like taking photos but since he got married to me, he had to be my photographer whenever we go somewhere. He doesn’t volunteer so I have to ask him or bug him, lol! There were some people swimming in the pool because it is summer time and maybe they want to freshen up and beat the heat. I must admit that summer in Iowa is not as hot as in Texas. I can tolerate the heat outside but I’m not sure if I can tolerate the winter here. It maybe too cold for my bones, lol!

City Park doesn’t have flowers. I just don’t know if it has in the other side but right where we sat and ate, I didn’t see any. I think the park would look better if they plant some flowers to make it look colorful and attractive like our parks in the Philippines. But overall, we had a good time at the park and I really enjoy seeing new places. Here are some photos.

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