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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Extending Our Stay

Why is it that time runs so fast when you're having fun? Hubby and I have been here in Texas for one month and 18 days already to be exact. We've been to some places, meet some friends, relatives and church members, went shopping, dined in the restaurants, and of course ate the foods that we've been craving to eat. We've spent a lot of time with the kids and grand-kids and we enjoyed my stepdaughters' cooking. Wow, what a life! I just wish we could stay here for a year but we have our ministry waiting for us and that comes first.

We're supposed to go back to my homeland on the 28th of this month but our pastor requested us to extend our stay here for another two months to reconnect with our church members and also to get to know our new pastor. We also hope that we can visit churches and raise some support for our ministry. We want also to visit Wayne, my step-son in Iowa next month. We haven't seen him for almost 4 years.

We had to call the Delta Airlines to change the day of our departure and they charged too much for the extension of our stay, $350 each, a whooping $700 for the two of us! What a ripped off! Our pastor said the church will reimbursed the money to us. Thank you Lord. So we will be staying here for another two months and we will leave on the 31st of August. Right now, we are back here in our church's prophet's room after spending a week (Father's Day week) with the kids.


Rocks said...

Enjoy your stay there sis..and may the Lord bless you abundantly and recharged you as go back and continue to do the work here :) Blessings!

Lisa said...

Thank you Rocks. We're doing our best to do what we can do during our stay here in the US. The Lord has blessed us this opportunity to come back here to visit after more than 3 years in the mission field.

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