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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Texas Bound

Today hubby and I bought our airline tickets to Texas. It's been a long time since we left the place and came here in my homeland to start a ministry. Three years and 4 months to be exact since we flew here in the Philippines. Where did the three years go? It seems like time flies so fast when you're having fun. We had our ups and downs since we were here, physically, emotionally and financially. I know the enemy had been trying to discourage us in doing the works of the Lord. There were times that hubby had wanted to quit but I encouraged him to keep on keeping on for the Lord. We are here to serve and do the calling of the Lord. As the song goes, "We will serve the Lord even when trials come..." There is joy in serving the Lord. No words could describe the joy I feel every time I see people get saved and baptized by hubby. The testimonies I hear from them in our church on Sundays make me so happy and blessed. We started this ministry and I believe God will bless our effort in doing so.

For the past few months, hubby had been searching in the internet for plane tickets for Texas. At that time, we didn't have the money to buy. We waited and waited for God's blessings. Early this year, hubby got his SS benefits and then my step-daughter paid her balance in the house that she bought from us. But then, the tickets went up because it's now peak season. We thought that internet price for the airfare is cheaper but it's not. Their prices are way up and also the lay-overs are too long. I decided to call a travel agency and to my surprise, their price is cheaper than the ones we've seen in the internet and the lay-overs are shorter. I hate waiting for so long during lay-overs. So to make the story short, we bought our round trip airline tickets for $1594 each. I know it's still high for us but then, it's peak season and compared to the prices in the internet, it's still lower.

Hubby and I were happy because God provided our needs. We will be able to see the kids and attend Josh's graduation. We will also try to visit some churches and raise some support for our ministry. Lord, thank you very much for you are the God who do amazing things in our lives. To God be the glory!

Below are photos taken by Vernice at the travel agency where we bought our airline tickets.

the travel agents:

I took this photo:

hubby took this photo:

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emz said...

Visited you today, How are you?

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