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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lunch at Shakey's

Okay, this is a late post because we dined at Shakey's Urdaneta last week. I just want to make a review of this restaurant which we always frequent whenever we go to the mall. One reason we always want to go there because hubby likes their food and on top of that, this is the only restaurant in the mall which accept debit or credit cards. Most of the time, hubby and I don't have enough cash so we use our debit cards. Hubby also have his Shakey's super card so he gets 10% discount in our bill. The only drawback in this restaurant is that they charge 9% service fee that's the reason hubby stopped giving tips to the waiters/waitresses. Shakey's in Dagupan don't charge us a service fee when we ate there.

My favorite meal here is the Bunch of Lunch while hubby love their Super Platter. This time hubby ordered the hero sandwich meal and also their vegetable salad. He found out that hero sandwich is really yummy and I like it too. This now became his favorite. As of this writing, hubby and my brother just came home from the mall and he ordered the hero sandwich meal again. Hubby always order the bottomless iced tea every time we dine there because he like the taste, not too sweet unlike in the other fast foods, too sweet. Today, he said their iced tea tastes like syrup.

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